Italy and the United States: The Transatlantic Investment Commission lands in America – news from embassies

Italy and the United States: The Transatlantic Investment Commission lands in America – news from embassies

(ANSA) – Washington, Oct. 29 – The first meeting of the Transatlantic Investment Committee (TIC) at the Embassy of Italy in Washington. ICT was born at the request of the Amerigo Association, the American Chamber of Commerce in Italy, Centro Studi Americani and Federmanager, a program promoted in close cooperation with diplomatic representatives in the United States and Italy, in order to strengthen relations between two countries in the field of strategic joint investments Provided by the Council of Trade and Technology, signed by the European Union and the United States of America in September 2021.

During these months of work, the program has been enriched by the input of the many stakeholders present at the Washington debate, including Confindustria, Luiss University, Unioncamere, CEOforLIFE, sponsored by the Conference of Independent Districts and Counties. The aim of this first meeting is to promote ICT as the first relational platform at the Euro-Atlantic level on issues of joint investments, fundamental to increasing the competitiveness as well as the strategic independence of Italy, the United States and Europe.

Among the main actions that ICTs will take to strengthen economic and trade relations is the creation of the first Transatlantic Investment Fund. This is an important assignment aimed at accelerating the growth of scaling operations operating in the technological sectors (digital, clean technology, energy, aerospace and biotechnology). Added to this is the first Executive Master’s degree, conducted in partnership between Luiss Guido Carli University, TIC, Confindustria, Federmanager and six international universities (including George Washington University, King’s College and SciencesPo). And finally, an annual report, which will be released in 2023 in collaboration with Ispi (Institute for International Political Studies).

To honor and inaugurate the “First American Meeting” of TIC, Italian Ambassador to Washington, Mariangela Zappia: “In a geopolitical context in which relations between partners who share values ​​and vision are more central than ever before Italy and the United States, we welcome and support ICTs as a strategic platform To encourage joint investments, particularly in the leading sectors of tomorrow’s economy.” Also present at the “TIC – First Meeting” was the Under Secretary of State for Economic Growth, Energy and Environment, Jose W. Fernandez, who added: “ICT is a very powerful tool, and it could not have come at a better moment, it is the cornerstone of longstanding friendship and partnership. The term between the United States and Italy. Greetings also from Jasjit Singh, Executive Director of Select USA, an agency of the Department of Commerce whose main goal is to facilitate business investments in the United States, who stressed that the 2021 numbers “show that there is huge potential across the Atlantic. A framework like IT can The contacts will help us cement our strong relationship and reaffirm our commitment to accelerating the industry of the future together.”

Concluding the opening remarks was entrusted to Andrea Gomina, President of Amerigo and Co-Founder of TIC. “The event – he said – testifies once again to the extent to which ICT can stimulate the interest of Italian, European and American stakeholders, around one goal: to become a reference platform for decision-makers interested in promoting investments. We will contribute to this by creating a foundation, and promoting the first investment fund Transatlantic is dedicated to investing in strategic technologies for the Trade and Technology Board, and many other initiatives, starting with an executive master’s degree with six universities, coordinated by Luiss, and an annual report with Ispi.We are grateful to the Italian and American institutions for their continued support, and we are working on a new appointment in the States United States at the end of April 2023″. (Dealing).

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