June 6, 2023

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Italian Stock Exchange, commentary on today’s session (September 1, 2022)

Negative session for Piazza Afari and for the main stock markets of the Old Continent. Thus, the month of September and the last quarter of the year begins with a decline

Negative session for Piazza Afari and for the main stock markets of the Old Continent. Thus begins September and the last quarter of the year down. Also showing the start of Wall Street in red, expectations are rising for the August employment report due out tomorrow.

It’s 16.50 The FTSEMib index lost 1.16% to 21,309 points While the stock fell by 1.19% to 23,298 points. The dips were in the middle of the head (-1.63%) and the star (-1.83%) wider.

Bankers are generally red. Unicredit lose 1.25% while Intesa San Paulo Leaves 1.82% on the ground.

in sharp decline Monte dei Paschi di Siena (-4.22%). As reported this morning in Il Sole24Ore, the principals’ advisors submitted their voting indicators in light of the September 15 shareholder meeting calling for approval of the Sienese Institute’s capital increase. The advisors suggest institutional investors (owners of about 10% of the total capital) take a side with a capital boost of €2.5 billion.

In red too Paper Bank (-1.86%) of those who announced that after the acquisition of Banca Carige, the European Central Bank informed them of an update of the decision regarding the requirements to be met. BPER Banca will have to comply on a uniform basis in terms of CET ratio 1, a new requirement equal to 8.47% compared to the previous 8.29%. In the documents relating to the first half of 2022 consolidated financial statements, BPER Banca appears to have a CET 1 ratio of 13.8%.

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The decrease is greater than two percentage points BancoBPM (-2.13%).

The tension remains on energy stocks. decreased by 0.75% where are you After the most noticeable drop yesterday. The Six-Legged Dog has announced that it has paid another €340 million as a “down payment” for a 25% tax on additional profits. ENI revalued the total amount of the contribution to 1.4 billion, from 550 million previously calculated. At the moment, the total consideration paid by ENI is 560 million euros.

Few, among the largest capitalized stocks, are stocks that move in the opposite direction: Telecom Italia 0.39% salt, Unipol 0.33%, my recordings 0.52% H Hira 0.4%.