Borsa Italiana, suspension of January 18, 2023 hearing

Borsa Italiana, suspension of January 18, 2023 hearing

The trend recorded in the first sessions of 2023 continues. Important starting points for the stocks of the banking sector. Oil prices are rising

The main indices of the Italiana Stock Exchange and the main European financial centres confirmed in the positive regionreinforcing the trend recorded in the first sessions of 2023. Federico Vetrella – Market Strategist at IG Italia – reports that Inflationary pressures are slowing in Europe Because of the low prices of energy raw materials. However, according to the strategist, This will not allow central banks to limit interest rate hikes in the short term For fear of giving a boost to the consumer price index again. Federico Vetrella speculated that “the European Central Bank and the Bank of England will continue to increase the cost of money at least until May-June when the two monetary institutions will be able to reassess the macroeconomic situation and stabilize interest rates.”

at 15.25 FTSEMib It rose 0.58% to 26,133 points, after it fluctuated between the lowest level of 25,951 points and the highest of 26,150 points. At the same time FTSE Italia All Share It was up 0.66%. plus sign for file Medium hat from FTSE Italia (+ 1.4%) and l Star of FTSE Italy (+0.87%).

the Bitcoins It recovered to $21,500 (more than 19,500 euros).

the BTP-Bund spread It shrunk to 175 pips, with the 10-year BTP yield dropping to 3.75%.

L’euro It was close to $1.09.

Important insights into the banking sector stocks.

in partial regression UniCredit (-0.38% to 14,602 euros). The institute led by Andrea Orcel has released a dossier Consensus estimates for the fourth quarter and full year 2022. In detail, the consensus for the year just ended indicates a written net profit of €5.13 billion (median value), which is a better forecast than the previous indication of the €4.93 billion bottom line announced after the publication of the financial results for the third quarter. Thus, earnings per share are indicated at 2.26 euros. Brokerage margin should rise from 17.95 billion to 19.77 billion euros (19.73 billion previously estimated). Net operating results indicated 7.88 billion, after write-offs of loans amounting to 2.21 billion euros.

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Nevertheless, the performance was decidedly positive Bank Paper (+ 3.72% to 2.261 euros).

Oil stocks roseAfter the price of crude oil in New York (the contract expires in February 2023) touched $82 per barrel.

Where is it? He earns 0.65% for 14,466 euros. The six-legged dog announced that subscriptions to the IPO of loan bonds called “Eni bonds 2023/2028” have exceeded the amount of one billion euros, just over two days after the presentation of the title. As a result, ENI exercised the option to increase the maximum aggregate face value of the bonds to €2 billion.

better performance for Saipem (+ 3.96%) and l Tenaris (+ 591%).

in partial progression stellants (+0.22% to €14,394), after the release of vehicle registration data for Europe. ACEA (The European Automobile Manufacturers Association) announced that 896,967 cars were registered in the European Union in December 2022, an increase of 12.8% compared to 795,130 cars in the same period in 2021. Instead, Stellantis sales contracted: last month the cars The group reported a 6.6% decrease in registrations with 149,540 vehicles sold. As a result, Stellantis’ market share in Europe was 16.7%.

In MidCap, increases in Brunello Cucinelli (+4.32%) and We build (+6.52%).

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