In the Milky Way Galaxy there is a region where a few strange stars form. How is that?

In the Milky Way Galaxy there is a region where a few strange stars form.  How is that?
Today we know why the “brick”, the dense gas cloud at the center of the Milky Way, does not produce many stars.
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Just a few days ago it was posted on “Astrophysical Journal” a A very recent study Which he deals with and seeks Give an explanation On the side we can identify strangefrom the region of our galaxy.

Actually Al Center of the Milky Way Galaxy There is an area about which we still know little. It’s about a A very dark gas cloud Which was called “Brick“, or bricks.

thanks for the high-definition pictures From the space telescope James Webb And its infrared camera nercam (Near infrared camera) Research group fromUniversity of Florida He was able to detect the presence of gases inside this cloud High amounts of carbon monoxide (CO) in the solid state.

This tool is able to monitorIntense backlighting By stars and hot gases.

Thanks to Webb we got a lot of data

until this moment He just imagined it Carbon monoxide content and is not believed to be present in it big quantitiesAnd also because it is in this region Star production is very low.

In fact, give it Star formation theories We know that the latter are formed in environments where… Gas And Fredo There are copious amounts of Carbon monoxide ice.

The truth is that this A very dense gas cloud It’s cold though not enough. The brick temperature is Higher than other similar clouds Which produces a large number of stars.

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But why are we interested in these measures?

Understand what is happening and has happened in Our galaxy Allows us to understand what happened in Our solar systemBecause it is also in space near us Still there Secrets Which we are also trying to figure out Analysis of similar systems.

What we know about us Planetary system It is that it most likely arose thanks to A mixture of ice over small degrees of dustwhich was then reassembled Planet formationSatellites, comets, etc spiral stars.

It is clear that this study represents Starting point From this new line of research. Indeed, thanks to the pictures James Webb Telescope We can analyze not only carbon dioxide amounts but also… waterfall, Carbon Dioxide And others Molecules also more complicated.

They will then follow More research But what seems clear in this regard is that Star formation theories Currently used is unable to Outline accurately The abnormal behavior of this gas cloud.

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