In the city of knowledge there is “A man is what he eats!”

In the city of knowledge there is “A man is what he eats!”

Prevention is better than cure: the weekend at Città della Scienza – with its many activities – aims to emphasize the importance of exercise and a correct diet

A valid message for everyone. Living by good daily habits allows you to extend your life expectancy and increase your chances of aging in optimal psychosomatic conditions. Weekend workshops on Saturday 26 and Sunday 27 March in Città della Scienza will be devoted to the right lifestyle through exercise and analysis of food labels. A healthy lifestyle means, in fact, a balanced diet and constant physical activity.

Entertainment in the museum spaces includes scientific displays that simultaneously stimulate reflections and entertainment: sport means movement and every movement is linked to physics. Through a course of experiments, we will discover how a skater spins on her toes, how a soccer player can throw the ball or a tennis player can hit the ball as hard as possible. And again: How to build a 3D food pyramid for the perfect diet to keep you fit by taking in all the nutrients your body needs.

As always, it will be possible to take guided tours of the Interactive Museum of the Human Body, the Insects & Co Gallery and many other new exhibition tracks and to attend the exceptional displays of the Planetarium. Also at the end of this week it will be possible to participate in the scientific activities carried out with the CeRVEnE Regional Veterinary Reference Center for non-epidemic emergencies that will focus on the importance of children having a healthy posture during study and leisure activities.

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