In Città della Scienza a weekend of activities, experiences and events in Naples

In Città della Scienza a weekend of activities, experiences and events in Naples

The weekend of January 14-15 at Città della Scienza, entitled “Welcome Winter”, will reveal a lot of information and curiosities about snowflakes and climate change. We’re in the middle of the coldest season of the year, even if we’re experiencing mild winters in our latitudes: abnormal heat, fog and smog in the Po Valley, sun in the mountains.

On the occasion of World Snow Day – celebrated on January 16 – the museum’s program includes important experiments on climate and its changes as well as workshops on water and its transformations with insight into snow and ice thanks to the “Borbone Kids Laboratory”.

New features of the guided tours of the “Corporea” interactive museum of the human body enriched by the installation of four new exhibits to be experienced: “Two in One”, to understand how important it is to feel in tune with others and to trust them; “Novi Messi”, which tells the most beautiful journey of the birth of a new life. “Vortex…in the Heart”, tells how the vortex develops, the same vortex that also originates in the left ventricle of the heart; “Let’s stay in balance – gyroscope” is useful for finding the best balance position in space.
As usual, there will be performances in the planetarium and the opportunity to enjoy temporary exhibitions: Insetti & Co, 7 Steps in Sustainability, “Space for the Future”, “Aquae”. The Future in the Ocean and The Story of Bonelli – Looking at Procida. A sea of ​​comics.”

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