A completely retro motorcycle, this scrambler seems to have been lifted from the past: purists love it

A completely retro motorcycle, this scrambler seems to have been lifted from the past: purists love it

There are things on two wheels that become instant collectibles. You will be amazed by this old scrambler project.

What if the future of two wheels was in the past? In a world that is making great strides towards electric technology, there are those who do not want to give up the possibility of experiencing emotions on jammers that sound like releases from the 70s. The basic road characteristics of these bikes are combined with slightly challenging off-road driving. The concept of all-terrain motorcycles is still very popular in the United States and Great Britain.

New Scrambler arrives (Media Press) Motomondiale.it

In Italy, many choose scramblers for the matter of style, but they basically represent universal motorcycles suitable for getting dirty in the mud. The term “Scrambler” is derived from the English verb “to Scrambler”. Which means confusion. In our latitudes, after the success achieved in the 1970s in America, many brands took advantage of the hype and continued to produce this type of motorcycle, including Ducati. Take a look at the latest model from Moto Guzzi.

The specialists at Janus Motorcycles have decided to release a pre-production prototype of the upcoming Gryffin 450, which will be launched next July. This is a company that produces a range of 250 and 450 Inspired by the look of early 20th century combustion powered motorcycles. A winning idea because it faithfully reproduces the style of the era with new generation engines, filters, brakes, carburetors and suspension systems. Bikes are built with the main link front fork and more.

It will also be sold in Europe and the UK. The 450 features a SWM-derived 445cc air/oil-cooled four-stroke engine, complete with electric start and a dual exit exhaust that runs along the left side of the motorcycle. It is fuel-injected and produces 29.6 horsepower at 7,500 rpmThis makes it agile and capable of reaching speeds of 145 km/h.

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Features of the new jamming device

The Janus Gryffin 450 features a large 21-inch front wheel and 17-inch rear wheel, shod with narrow, knobby tires. With a light, off-road-ready swingarm with suspension travel of just under 140mm at both ends and a dry weight of 149.7kg, it promises to pack a punch. The bike was also decorated with a skid plate at the base of the SOHC motorIn addition to the seat height of 812.8 mm.

Features of the new Media Press Motomondiale.it

With helical shock absorbers, it ensures excellent driving comfort. It's stable and braking is very safe too thanks to Brembo. It is supposed to arrive in Europe at a price of about 12 thousand euros. This is a hand built motorcycle and you pay for quality. Most art items are made in-house or by local artisans, many of whom are part of the Amish community.

On its YouTube channel, Janus releases several videos like the one above that highlight the vintage features of the bikes. Those who are nostalgic for the old style will certainly appreciate the project. Commercial success will also depend on factors that have nothing to do with passion From the status of enthusiasts. If the trend were electric, some motorcycles would be a drop in the ocean. Precisely for this reason, they have an incomparable charm.

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