If you have these vinyl records by Italian singers, you are rich: they are the rarest and most expensive

If you have these vinyl records by Italian singers, you are rich: they are the rarest and most expensive

Vinyl records are a legacy of our recent past, a nostalgic memory and in some cases a hidden treasure: check if you have these at home.

The transition from analog to digital is definitely a step forward in content usability. Nowadays we have a wide range of musical, film, television and radio productions Only 20 years ago we could have dreamed of it. This is all thanks to the web, technology, and advertising that have changed the way content is used and also changed the way artists and producers earn.

If you have these vinyls at home, you have a little hidden treasure – Ilovetrading.it

Digital is also a green option. The manufacture and distribution of physical products significantly reduces the environmental impact of our society. In this way the consumption of raw materials is reduced, Costs and fuel consumption are reduced For transportation and distribution, the amount of garbage to be recycled is also effectively reduced.

However, it cannot be denied that although there are undoubted advantages on a personal and even social level, we will miss something similar forever. Indeed, nothing can replace the sense of touchthe sense of smell, but not even the excitement of waiting and finally in our hands is the book, vinyl or CD that we have been waiting for with such excitement.

Vintage Vinyls: If you have these in your home, you have a little treasure

It may also be for this reason that there are people in the world who are not willing to trade these sensations and still collect these things in physical form. It was created over the years A real “art” marketas there are collectors’ items whose value is much higher than the prime market value (new market value) and certainly higher than the original piece for the same piece.

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More rare and precious than vinyl
Don’t throw away your existing vinyl in your garage, it could be worth a fortune – Ilovetrading.it

So, if there were those who drove you crazy because you decided to keep your vinyl or your books and there are still those who think it is useless for you to keep your old computer, phone or old console in the garage, today these people will not just change their mind. But they will eat their hands at the thought that unlike you they have thrown away potential treasure from which they could gain in the future.

Today we want to tell you about some unique pieces of Italian music that have reached a noteworthy value on the collectors’ market. The most expensive vinyl you can own Vasco Rossi “But what do you want the song to be”LP, 1978 produced by Lotus which today can be sold for 2,200 euros.

In second place in this particular ranking is the vinyl “Libero” by Rino Gaetano, published by IT in 1974 (worth €1,400), followed by Pooh’s “Contrasto” from 1968, published by Vedette Records (worth €1,200) and from the movie LP “Mina con Voi” by Rural from 1969 (1,100 euros). to The fifth place in terms of fair value by market value are the 45s. The first is “Dolce di Giorno / Per Una Lira” by Lucio Battisti, published by Ricordi in 1966, and the second is “Vento Caldo / Marciapiede”. Both have a market value of 1,000 euros.

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