Almost realistic action in the new trailer for Bodycam, the new Steam phenomenon

Almost realistic action in the new trailer for Bodycam, the new Steam phenomenon

Bodycam camera It continues to amaze: it was recently released in Early Access on Steam, is already something of a phenomenon in Valve’s store, and its presence at Future Games Show 2024 was quite evident: so let’s see Gameplay trailer From this almost realistic shooter.

Despite a somewhat limited production, Bodycam immediately managed to debut at the top of the global Steam chart, perhaps thanks to A truly impressive sightAt a glance, it can also be mistaken for a real video.

In fact, the effect is created by special “fisheye” style filters and shots which, by distorting the image, manage to slightly obscure the elements on the screen, giving the illusion of images exactly matching reality.

A really impressive game, at first glance

However, you can’t say it’s not a visually impressive game, and this new trailer confirms that as well.

The video shows more gameplay scenes taken from different moments, confirming the predominance of indoor settings and somewhat tight spaces.

The special effect provided by the type of shot used, as the title of the game itself says, reproduces the style of the shot Footage recorded by body cameras Police is a really great thing aesthetically, even if it is less functional on the gaming front.

To learn more about Bodycam, we refer you to our review, remembering that the game is available today on Steam in Early Access, in the PC version.

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