if | It's funny, but if you do this exercise in reverse you will burn more

if |  It's funny, but if you do this exercise in reverse you will burn more

For some time now, nutritionists have been urging their clients to move away from the old truisms that you'll only get thin by starving yourself or killing yourself through exercise. But they don't want you to believe there is either Miracle diets He will make you achieve in a few days what you did not achieve with him Years of effort

Follow a balanced diet, along with adequate exercise and remember that you can only lose weight (or at least only safely) If you consume more calories than you eat throughout the day. This ancient axiom is increasingly on the lips of professionals. And there is no other way. You have to expend and move more calories than you put into your body with food, dinner or breakfast. But what's particularly concerning is what you eat late in the day.

Fat or light dinner?

The scene is repeated day after day. At the end of the workAnd then one beer A hearty dinner Because the day is over and you deserve it. But be careful, dinner is no less important than any other meal. If you eat too much you will face two types of problems: you will gain weight (this is obvious), and you will sleep worse. In this sense, you have to have balance, eat in moderation and eat protein, not just fruits and vegetables.

But there is a solution. This is a trick that Italian experts have been recommending for years: It's about getting around a little bit 15 minutes after dinner. This way you will achieve several things.

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Absorbed calories

First of all, you will move and prevent the calories you just ate from being absorbed by your body as fat. In addition, you will contribute to the 15,000 steps per day that you must take, not to lose weight, but to be healthy, as recommended by the World Health Organization in all its reports warning of the increase in obesity and diseases associated with it. But there is still more: And After dinner You can take a short walk that will contribute to it Improve digestion by moving the body You will take advantage of the moment The body is more receptive to burning calories.

However, as a professor of clinical exercise physiology at the University of East London explained in 'The Conversation' Jack McNamaraIt's possible Increasing the burning of calories when walking if done in reverseThat is, if you go backward instead of moving forward. This is due, among other things, toan effort What the brain must do to focus and coordinate backward walking movements. For this reason, McNamara ensures that Energy expenditures Walking backwards is approximately 40% faster than walking forwards at the same speed.

Postural changes

In addition, there is Other benefits Walking or running backwards: Changes in posture cause increased use of the muscles that support the lower back, suggesting that walking backwards can be a particularly beneficial exercise for people with chronic lower back pain.

Of course, it is recommended to start by walking backwards all at once A narrow space free of obstaclesTo avoid shocks and falls.

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