“I don't care if everyone has our data.”

“I don't care if everyone has our data.”

Fabrizio Alvarez, 19, accompanies a friend to join the long queue formed by dozens of people, mostly young immigrants from Latin America, at the La Farga shopping center in Hospitalet. “But what is this? What's going on? What are they offering here?”, ask curious merchants as they wander through the large area.

“I give money,” answer those patiently waiting their turn to have their iris scanned. This is how they will be able to register and access Worldcoin. They explained that what matters to young people is not access to the application itself, but rather the financial reward that comes with the iris scan, and on this occasion it is no less than 30 euros for each registration.

“It's free money,” says Ernesto. “It's the only way here in Spain to make money with your eyes. I don't care if everyone has all our data. What do we care now that big companies have this data? It's like a fingerprint.” Akuma (33 years old), from Equatorial Guinea, has lived in Hospitalet for 15 years. More than a hundred users had to be patient as they had to wait up to two hours to register.

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