“I am confident that all EU countries now support the agreement.”

“I am confident that all EU countries now support the agreement.”

What was the debate about Russian assets in the G7?

The first thing I want to remember is that, from the beginning of this large-scale invasion of Ukraine, we made it very clear that Russia would bear responsibility for its aggression. I myself had made statements in support of the idea that these frozen assets should be targeted, but I knew it would be difficult as there were some international law and financial issues. This is also why the European Commission put in place some concrete measures and we made some progress, showing that it was possible to do this with the G7, and with the Americans, to improve our procedures and deliver more money and faster in Ukraine. . Because they really need the money.

But is this 50,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000, and 1000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000.,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000.0,000,000.0,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000.,,000,000.,000,000.,000,000.,000,000.,000,000.,000,000.,000.,000.,000 000,000,000,000.

Added to this are 100,000 million euros [la UE] It was already destined for Ukraine since the beginning of the war.

Is he concerned that after the agreement reached in the G7, there are countries in the European Union that do not agree?

I tried to choose the right words to express myself on this matter. I feel confident, very confident that the agreement will have the support of all EU countries, because we have been in close contact with all the heads of state and their teams so that they are not surprised by this proposal.

Is there a possibility that negotiations on Ukraine’s accession to the European Union will begin during his presidency?

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That’s what I hope, but we are still preparing for meetings with Member States, even with countries that are a bit more hesitant. We are trying to undermine political debate.

Will Hungary be a problem?

This is no secret. In the past we had to clarify some points with Hungary, but we succeeded in making decisions systematically.

Let’s talk about Gaza. There is now a new ceasefire proposal.

I have just returned from Jordan, where I participated in the initiative launched by the King of Jordan, Egypt and the United Nations. From our point of view, and this will be reflected in today’s discussions, there are three main priorities. The first is that the war must stop now. That is why it is positive that the resolution has been approved [al Consell de Seguretat] It is positive that there is a proposal from Biden. We are pressing for the implementation of this proposal for an immediate ceasefire, an end to the war and the release of all hostages. The second is that there is a humanitarian catastrophe and this is unacceptable. […] We do not accept double standards and that is why we must exert maximum pressure for humanitarian access [d’ajuda a a Gaza]. As we speak, there are more than 17,000 children separated from their parents, many of them orphans. This is terrible. Third, the two-state solution and the peace process. […] Of course the situation is difficult, but now we see an opportunity […] We see that the Arab countries are working hard to put forward a specific proposal. This is important because this war affects many civilians [pel conflicte israeliano-palestí]But it also has other consequences, such as the polarization that Europe is witnessing.

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There are some far-right formations that have a good relationship with Netanyahu. What is your analysis?

It is a very good point and I am not underestimating the election result, and I think it is in the interest of the European Council to say what the future directions are. […] That is why we insisted on this from the European Council [s’ha de respectar] In international law, there are no double standards. These are basic principles, and I am confident that leaders will adhere to these principles. We are facing two major crises, Ukraine, which poses a direct threat to the stability of Europe and at the global level, and at the same time we have this tragic situation in the Middle East, and I think we have to adapt to the principles. Without contradictions.

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