How to recover your Christmas expenses

The state cashback has not been reconfirmed. But Poste Italiane, through PostePay, will continue the refund policy until December 31.

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It’s amazing how things can change in just one year. Last Christmas, spent in greater distress due to the pandemic, the ultimate protagonist was the cashback and reimbursement policy for those who followed the path of traceable expenses. Twelve months later, it was precisely this procedure that lost track of it. Draghi government I decided to comment Starting next year, and unless you’re among those still waiting to receive the latest impacts, by 2022 it would be best to prepare to move forward. The program that the Conte government wants to stimulate trackable expenditures will in fact follow other paths.

However, PostePay customers will enjoy some kind of extension. They will be the only ones, in fact, who will still be able to count on refunds for purchases made over Christmas. In fact, Poste Italiane I decided to confirm the payment schedule Until the end of the year, valid for all purchases made with the Evolution variant and all other operations offered by the service. Specifically, this is a deduction of €1 for expenses equal to or greater than €10. The maximum accumulated amount will be €10 per day as a “daily” portion of the cashback.

PostePay and cashback: how to get it

It is a custom procedure and not a structured program. In fact, PostePay customers will be able to participate in the initiative by activating it directly through the service application, which is available on both the Android Google Play Store and the Apple App Store. Once you download the app, We will act directly through itRemember, however, to make payments only through the QR code in the app. For regular cashback, refunds will be active only if you purchase from stores participating in the initiative as a partner of Poste Italiane, throughout the peninsula. A real pocket of the lucky ones, given that the cashback program has been cancelled.

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In fact, starting in 2022, the state reimbursement program will be unheard of. The tracking policy will go through other measures and the resources earmarked for compensation will be directed to meet other needs. The final closure of the procedure which, while intended to facilitate the citizens, He knew shadows more than lights, also because of the “cunning” pills. For PostePay Cashback, the initiative will remain in effect until December 31, unless Poste decides to extend it. In this case, it would really be a one-time exception.

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