Frederick X and Mary of Denmark encourage independence in Greenland

Frederick X and Mary of Denmark encourage independence in Greenland

Frederick X and Mary of DenmarkAccompanied by their two young children, Vicente and Josefina, they ended their 8-day official visit. green land. An independent territory, but linked to the Danish crown, as are the Faroe Islands. The balance of the trip is strange. Despite the sense of happiness, normality and harmony that the royals offer, there are moments of tension, mockery and even disgust and disgust. The most tense moment, without a doubt, was the run-over that the Queen suffered. She was suddenly hit by an out-of-control snowmobile. Fortunately, she was not seriously injured. Naturally, the anger was enormous, as was the fear.

As the palace entourage leaves the Arctic on board the royal ship Dannebrog, the country’s press is reportingVisit AnalysisAnd the experiences, and most importantly, the future. A very dark story regarding Greenland’s relationship with the Glücksburg family: “They won’t come back.he reached Lextra Bladet:With any luck, this will be the last time they visit the area as it is a territory of the Danish Commonwealth.“Could things have gotten so bad during the official visit that they decided to cross it off the list? Or are we talking about something else? One word sums it all up: insurgency.

The newspaper describes, through expert Kim Bach, the panoramic scene in which the kings found themselves: A growing and significant portion of the local population wants independence.A strong majority has been built over the past few years. In 2016, a founding committee was established. Last year, the Greenlandic Parliament, Inatsisartut, received the award.Draft of the new constitution“. Document on The character of the King of Denmark has been replaced, In this case Frederik X, as head of state. This surprise was not unusual during a state visit, and was certainly a major factor in the Danish royal house (and government) insisting on trying to reconcile with the local population. But it seems that they could not get a single new subject for the Copenhagen regime. A complete failure.

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In Denmark, the potential loss of an independent Greenland is painful. It is A place of immense strategic value.with natural resources that could be exploited in Dojo thanks to the devastating effects of climate change. A privileged location that opens many important doors in the international geopolitical landscape. If they leave, the national prospects will be greatly reduced, and with little capacity to recover. Soon it will be time to vote on the draft new constitution and we will know its fate: for now, Kim Bach points out that Frederik and his comrades are visible “Like them Colonial policy references“Which causes rejection. The last sentence is deadly: “It looks like Greenland will get rid of Frederick and Mary much faster than we do in the south..tic tac

Frederik and Mary of Denmark / GTRES

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