Hideo Kojima and Xbox: Meeting Phil Spencer and the team’s joint trip to Japan

Hideo Kojima and Xbox: Meeting Phil Spencer and the team’s joint trip to Japan

Phil Spencer A full delegation from Xbox Game Studios met Hideo Kojima In Japan, he visited the Kojima Productions headquarters to discuss New Xbox game But also in other places, as evidenced by some photos published on X, with developers and executives a trip together.

In addition to photos of the classic ritual inside Kojima Productions headquarters, with the game designer with Spencer, Aaron Greenberg, and Sarah Bond next to the Ludens statue, the photos depict several developers with Xbox representatives visiting in Kanda Myojin Templewhich shows a real group trip to some typical places in Japan.

Obviously there will be time and opportunity to talk about the new visit during this long visit Xbox exclusive In progress at Kojima Productions, which according to some rumors will be called Overdose and will be a kind of horror adventure that also focuses on the use of cloud technology.

A trip to enhance a collaborative relationship?

Just in recent days, Game Watch did an extensive interview with Phil Spencer on the occasion of Tokyo Game Show 2023 He also touched on the topic of Hideo Kojima’s Xbox game, but the Microsoft CEO remained vague on the issue, claiming that the designer still needs time to decide how to present the new project, also taking into account the innovative aspects of this matter.

He also reported his intention to visit Kojima in the following days, and a series of tweets from the game designer attest that this visit was apparently extensive. It seems that the matter was not limited to a quick meeting between Spencer and Kojima, but included the matter Entire teams.

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Not only did a delegation from Xbox Game Studios visit Kojima Productions, but the team also went on a trip together, in particular to see the Kanda Myojin Temple and more, demonstrating the desire to establish an important collaborative relationship. At this point, we are awaiting more news on this matter.

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