Here’s why, analysis and the latest news

Here’s why, analysis and the latest news

Ukraine still has a month, perhaps 45 days, to make the most of its counter-offensive in the war against Russia. Then, as the weather worsens and winter sets in, field maneuvers will become more complicated. And paints the picture, with the operations of the Kiev forces entering a decisive stage, General Mark Milley, the US Chief of Staff, who at the present time rejects excessive negative judgments.

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“The offensive started about 90 days ago. It was slower than expected. But there is a difference between what Clausewitz called a war on paper and a real war,” says the general, stressing that there are still “30 0 45 days,” a “long period” of fighting. Before it rains and hails.

“It’s too early to say how it will end. The Ukrainians have been partially successful in what they’ve done, and that’s important.” “Then it will rain. It will be very muddy. At that point it will be difficult to maneuver and then winter will come. At that point we will see how it goes. But now it is too early to say whether the counterattack failed or notMillie points out.

New weapons coming soon, what changes?

In the coming weeks, Kiev will have the new aid package prepared by Washington at its disposal. Depleted uranium ammunition has arrived, in particular 120 mm projectiles for Abrams tanks, which should make their debut in Ukraine soon. Moreover, the United States is considering fielding a long-range missile, the Atakum, which could be a real game-changer in a context that is currently almost prohibited.

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“The Ukrainians have made continuous progress. They are not finished yet, the war is not over yet. They are not finished with this phase that they are trying to complete with a series of goals. It is too early to say how it will end.” General repeats.

Counterattack, where the Ukrainians arrived

The latest news indicates progress in the Ropotyn district, in the Zaporizhia region, not far from the strategic center of Tokmak, which has high logistical value for Russia. Southern Command said: “We continue to make small progress in the Ropotyn area. About one and a half kilometers of Ukrainian territory have been liberated,” without explaining when the last progress was made.

In the various analyses, to get a more complete picture, reference can also be made to the counteroffensive launched by Kiev in the second part of 2022. Last year, Russian forces were pushed east from the Kharkiv region: Ukraine retook the city of Liman in 2022. On September 30 2022 And after another 6 weeks, around mid-November, he achieved the liberation of Kherson.

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