“Hamas is divided,” the turning point that could change everything

“Hamas is divided,” the turning point that could change everything

Just over a month after the outbreak of war between… Israel And agitation A turning point could come. The scenario of the conflict in the Middle East suddenly changes, and the news relates to the terrorist group, he stressed DagospiaThe Palestinian organization is divided. The fraction includes the military wing of the notorious terrorist organization Al-Qassam Brigades led by Muhammad DhaifAnd the political leader Ismail Haniyeh. The climate is scorching to say the least.

According to what has been reconstructed, Haniyeh is accused of committing Beautiful life in Dohain Qatar, while I Militiamen risk their lives In the fight against the Israeli army. The intense tension appeared in some interceptions captured by Western intelligence, in which the guest complains about the way the Hamas political leader is conducting military operations against Tel Aviv. While he sails in luxury, among bottles of champagne and beautiful escorts, dozens of Palestinian militiamen lose their lives. But this is not the only charge.

The first friction between the parts was finally observed October 7, the day of the brutal attack launched by the Palestinian terrorist group. The initial order was to take only Israeli soldiers hostage. Then suddenly Haniyeh changed his mind and asked the fighters to take civilians hostage as well, turning the operation into a real bloodbath. The rift widened significantly as the days passed, and now Deif has decided not to respond to the political wing of Hamas.

According to what has been reconstructed, the turning point within Hamas is closely linked to the arrival of Hamas in GazaMossad and CIA intelligence. Negotiations are currently underway with the Palestinian group, and developments will be positive immediately, between guarantees for the post-war period and some economic promises. The hypothesis of releasing the hostages is no longer just a fantasy, as evidenced by the process of freeing twelve people on Thursday. To complete the picture, there is the possibility of Benjamin Netanyahu’s dismissal by Washington.

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On a mission in the Middle East, CIA chief William Burns, the hero of the summit in Doha with his Mossad counterpart David Parnia and Qatari Prime Minister Mohammed Al Thani.“Negotiations are positive and progress has been made.”Burns’s brief comment emphasizes the need to improve some details. The humanitarian aid front is also active: as newspapers reported, 100 aid trucks have entered from the Rafah crossing since Wednesday. The tipping point could be really close.

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