Gf Vip, Sonia Bruganelli leaving the studio after the fight with Alfonso Signorini: “Shut up!”

Tension rises in the study big brother vip From Alfonso Signorini e Sonia Bruganelli. The latter left the columnist’s chair after the conductor ordered her to “shut up”. It all happened in the middle of an argument with Alex BaileyWhich Signorini tried to stop by asking Bruganelli to be silent and not to respond. Offended by the host’s abrupt ways, Paulo Bonolis’ wife decided to leave the studio of the reality show Canale 5.

Gf Vip, Soleil Sorge Alex Bailey shuts up: ‘Shut up and go see a therapist’

Gf Vip, Sonia Bruganelli leaving the studio after a fight with Alfonso Signorini

Before leaving, Sonia Bruganelli said: “I thought Alex was interested in the relationship with Sulli, and instead she tells us…”. But Billy abruptly interrupted her: “Don’t make me tell you things that don’t exist, you’re building a show.” At that point, Sonia was ready to respond, but Alfonso Signorini prevented them from expressing their opinion. In particular, he said to Bruganelli: “Now enough, because I gave you the word, I’ll take it off, you’re not here, if I tell you, speak, if I tell you, it’s enough.” After the ad block, Sonia Bruganelli’s chair remained empty, with the only chair Adriana Volpi To comment on the vagaries of Vippos. Signorini preferred to ignore it, not comment on the story and keep posting.

Sonya returns to the studio still pissed off

Then he returned to the studio, after about 40 minutes Sonia and Alfonso immediately asked him what he thought of what was happening in the studio. “If you give me aprola I will speak.” There was talk of Manuel and Sonia said to her and then explained to Alfonso: “It didn’t bother me that you took my word but the way. It was wrong.” But Alfonso wants to lock it up here: “As smart people we’ll solve it later in the ad.” Who knows how it will end…

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