Gf Vip 6, Basciano, and Sophie argue over Lulu

Gf Vip 6, Basciano, and Sophie argue over Lulu

full afternoon Contradictions in the house Gf Vip 6 as well as between Alessandro Bacciano And Sophie Codegoni However, another quarrel broke out. over there codegony Not long ago he had argued with lulu Selassie As for a shopping list issue, especially some foods that have not been eaten and thus many competitors are out of stock without thinking of others.

The princess defended herself by saying that she thought they would arrive the next day and cried because she only eats certain things, moreover, during the quarrel between the two, lulu A panic attack started.

SufiThen he accused the Ethiopian princess of exploiting serious and important issues such as food problems, stalking and racism, when she is scolded or reprimanded for something.

AlexanderAfter that, he got nervous and started arguing with his girlfriend while he was explaining it Soleil rise his point of view.

Something was taken advantage of, okay. But it wasn’t now… because I’m talking and you’re talking about me and you’re really making me nibble c**o then I’ll show you what it means to argue with someone who isn’t foolish.

over there codegony And he answered: “You are the one who uses this slow speaking mode. Well, stop doing this amazing thing every single time.” bachiano Feels diminished Sufi He continued, but the quarrel continued:

Then don’t stay there. again and again? The concept is that in such a case we should divide and not take advantage. So if five people were asked, three came, no matter who they were lulu Or not, he shouldn’t have done that kind of thing.

But she doesn’t stop talking, she just thinks she’s going to be a pussy. He told me he was talking talking and I didn’t feel like talking. I’m talking and talking to me above and he’s also cracking my testicle. You think you’re the center of attention but you’re not right now because I was talking about what happened.

Sufi She is upset by her boyfriend’s superior behavior, but he is not at all restless and continues to argue:

every-time? Higher than this, okay? I have to answer you like this, okay? I can do whatever I want. crazy things. But if you have an idea I’m on c** or what do you do with someone who’s on c**o? Let me understand. Then correct yourself with the words. Don’t make me bite my ass. Get it over with don’t make me gnaw my ass. She asked me to speak. I made a pussy and I could do the coolest. Do I have to answer you like this?

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