French clergy say 216,000 have been sexually abused since 1950

Its president, Jean-Marc Chavez, has made independent discoveries that the number of victims could rise to 330,000 if the laity (teachers, supervisors, youth movement administrators, etc.) working in church institutions are included. Church Abuse Commission (CIASE)

These numbers are more than worrying, they are huge and unresponsive in any way., Mr. Sauvi said.

Raised by Eric de Moulins-Beaufort, President of the Conference of Bishops of France His shame, His fear And asked Sorry For victims.

On this day my wish is to ask your apologies and apologies to everyone, Mgr de Moulins-Beaufort announced to the press. The voice of the victims It saddens us, and their number overwhelms us, He added.

Chairman of CIASE The first confusing data since Sunday revealed: the number of predators, estimated 2900 to 3200 Men – priests or clergymen – between 1950 and 2020, a Minimum rating.

A Different structure

As a result of two and a half years of work, the commission’s report was submitted to religious orders and councils in Paris on Tuesday morning in the presence of representatives of the French bishops ‘and victims’ associations.

Finally, you bring institutional recognition of the full responsibility of the church to the victims, which the bishops and the pope have not been able to do to date., Was launched publicly in the preface by Franுவாois DeVox, co-founder of the Association of Victims.

The structure is different, M. DeVox, called for a council Vatican III.

As far as the Catholic Church is concerned, the results of this report are similar An explosion, Was expected with a member of the AFP CIASE, Anonymously.

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The CIASE Gave voice for the victims The team of his work, Mr. According to Chau.

France: 216,000 clergymen subjected to minor sexual abuse


First open for 17 months, with a call for witnesses, collecting 6,500 calls or contacts from victims or relatives, and then conducting 250 lengthy interrogations or research interviews.

He immersed himself in the many archives of the church, the Ministry of Justice or the interior, the press.

Once diagnosed, the commission listed several dozen recommendations in several areas: Listening to Victims, Prevention, Priests and Religion, Training Act, Change of Church Administration …

He also supported the recognition policy following specific financial compensation for each victim.

Deep indifference and impossible justice

Revealed by the Catholic Church Deep neglect until the early 2000s, and horrendous to the victims Rape, Mr. Sowa condemnation.

The facts are always time constrained, the perpetrators are dead, there is no chance for justice. The canonical procedures (the law of the church) are long and not very explicit.

How does the Church follow the statement?

The emperor took action in the spring, promising not a repair, but a device Contributions The fund, which has been given to victims since 2022, is not unanimous among the latter or among believers, they are invited to contribute to donations.

The report will also be scrutinized in Rome by Pope Francis, who met with some French bishops in September, and had to deal with the issue from the beginning of his campaign.

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Created in the fall of 2018 CIASE 22 members, volunteers, with diverse abilities. It was funded by 3 million euros (approximately 4.5 million Canadian dollars) by pastoral and religious councils and organizations.

Pope Francis mentions a Awful fact

Pope Francis, Thought

After reading the CIASE report, Sovereign Pontiff said he had suffered “great grief.”

Photo: Associated Press / Digiana Faby

Pope Francis expressed his opinion on Tuesday Massive grief After the release of this bad report for the Church of France, he said I knew this horrible reality.

His thoughts first turn to the victims, deeply saddened by their injuries and thankful for speaking boldly. They also return to the French church and, therefore, became aware of this terrible reality […] She can embark on the path of recovery, Vatican spokesman Matteo Bruni told reporters about the pope’s reaction.

During a recent meeting with French bishops in Ad Limina, the Holy Father was informed of the release of the CIASE report. And he realized its contents, Said Mr. Bruni.

Through his prayers the Pope entrusts to God the people of God in France, especially the afflicted, so that he may give them comfort and solace, so that with justice, the miracle of healing.

A quote:Matteo Bruni, spokesman for the Vatican

Following the release of this statement, the French bishop revealed on Tuesday His shame, His fear And asked Sorry For victims.

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