Free Games: Unbridled GOG, offers 38 great PC games

Free Games: Unbridled GOG, offers 38 great PC games

What better way to start the week than with a fresh download free games for the computer. We’re now used to swapping out free trials throughout the week thanks to diverse digital stores and more generous companies, and GOG is definitely one of them. The popular CD Projekt RED store has us well accustomed to in the past at this juncture, as well Today, a large number of video games are abandoned All that will be replaced and discovered.

Let’s talk about Ben 38 free games To add to your GOG digital game library, among them are the many experiences that made video game history on PC. Among these titles there are many good things not as bad as The first two chapters of a legendary story like a story Sheikh manuscripts. But the surprises do not end there, and in the long list of free titles you can also see names like Shadow Warrior, Beneath a Steel Sky, and many more.

In addition to the mainstays of the RPG genre, first-person shooter (FPS) and point-and-click graphic adventures, among the nearly forty free PC games awarded by GOG, there are also more modern experiences such as Hello Neighbor and Gwent . To retrieve all these 38 titles, all you need is a GOG account and that’s it. Once you have these works, you will find them in your game library and from there you can start discovering them.

Obviously, our advice is Make all your 38 games free Which GOG offers now, but know that there will be other opportunities to expand the library of PC games in the coming days. As usual, in fact, next Thursday afternoon there will also be a new wave of free titles that will be offered by another popular store, the Epic Games Store.

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