Four Muslim players in Naples, fasting a full day for the month of April!

Four Muslim players in Naples, fasting a full day for the month of April!

Four Napoli players start Ramadan tonight, for a period of 29 days

It started Ramadan! Starting tonight and for the next 29 daysMuslims celebrate Ramadan, a religious practice that is one of the pillars of Islam, which includes fasting from sunrise to sunset, and giving up a whole series of behaviors considered harmful to the body, such as smoking or drinking.

Ramadan Naples 2023

latest news. Ramadan 2023 will also include Four players in Naples of the Islamic faith: it is about Frank Zambo-Angesa, Al-Jif Al-Mass, Amir Rahmani And the young man Zedadka cream.

the SSC Naples staffwho already had experience in the past with Muslim footballers (such as Coulibaly or Ghoulam), has already organized himself to meet the nutritional needs of his players, and so they will have no problems reconciling professional activity with religious faith.

As specified by the newspaper Il Mattino”The blue medical staff has always achieved excellent results in recent years, constantly checking the conditions of the players involved and assisting them in the hours when they can eat well.“.

The truth is that Throughout April, he was decisive in the First Division and the Champions LeagueAnd Anguissa, Rahmani and Almas will always have to live with this delicate situation: they can even decide to suspend the month of Ramadan to avoid any kind of problems in this field. defined by the new Google service, if you want to be up to date with the latest news Follow us on Google News

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