Formula 1, the most complex and expensive element, is always under our fingers but no one knows about it

Formula 1, the most complex and expensive element, is always under our fingers but no one knows about it

In Formula 1, every component is a concentration of high technology. This is a component that costs the same as a road car.

Modern Formula 1 cars are the best in terms of engineering. How many times have you seen Formula 1 drivers? Adjust the winged car according to the given target Which sometimes varies from one round to another. Today's grid drivers have learned to manage every little aspect to extract the maximum potential of the car.

F1 (ANSA) –

Once upon a time, pilots were not even distracted by radio communications. They can only focus on driving and hearing the engine. Times have changed and drivers no longer just have to accelerate, brake, and turn the steering left and right. On the steering wheel there is an almost endless series of functions and data that can help the driver but also distract him. Old school heroes like Kimi Raikkonen and Sebastian Vettel are also a little tired of the modern drift of Formula 1 cars.

They wanted a more authentic and ancient circus, but it must be said that a modern single-seater circus is very complex. Once upon a time, steering wheels were made of wood and resembled those found on road sports cars. The real development occurred during the time of 7-time world champion, Michael Schumacher, who was the first to try Modena's steering innovation. Cavallino technicians thought about a series of functionsturning the steering wheel into a very light computer capable of controlling a whole series of parameters that have since become common in modern times.

From engine mapping, to engine braking intensity, to brake balance and all the different aspects of aerodynamics can be specifically controlled by the driver. New recruits, born from simulation experience, have become very good at setting up and operating all the key elements of the modern steering wheel in no time. Facilitated by custom configurations based on your needs.

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Single seater Formula 1 steering wheels

Every team and every driver has the opportunity to make some changes. At Ferrari, in the past, Vettel and Leclerc operated the clutch differently. The German relied on his left hand to manage the clutch located at the back of the wheel, while Leclerc preferred to work the clutch with his right hand. Then there are teams, like Williams, that put on a show behind the wheel.

Alonso with Ferrari steering wheel (Ansa)

However, all other steering wheels have a display on the steering wheel. Each driver participates in creating the wheel, becoming a second glove. The technologies are very advanced. Assembly requires more than 80 man hours. Also take a look at the world of virtual simulation and the products that can also be purchased for gamers.

The car that Alonso raised into the sky after the victory included a speed limiter in the pit lane and rotary levers through which drivers could choose different settings for the car. An F1 car ride costs around €55,000, and on average, Drivers change three or four driving wheels per season.

Among the various functions there are: DRS (movable rear spoiler), DRINK (drinking straw), NEUTRAL (puts the car in neutral), PIT (pit lane speed limiter), BOX (to enter a pit stop), DIF (differential control), EB (controls in engine braking), BB (adjusts brake balance), MARKER (identifies the point of interest in the data), SOC (adjusts the battery charge state), START (sets the car to start), BRN (sets the combustion scheme to warm the tires), WET (sets the car to wet conditions), RADIO (to talk to the pit wall), ROTARY MENU (adjust parameters such as radio volume or screen brightness) and LEDs (for color) of the different flags being displayed).

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