First Piccioli Forum. Sciences, social and arts

First Piccioli Forum.  Sciences, social and arts

The appointment begins with the first Peccioli Forum, which will take place at the Galleria dei Giganti in Viale Cavour today, tomorrow and on November 5th. Today at 5 pm the topic “Biodiversity and Science” will be moderated by Professor Telmo Pifani, full professor at the Department of Biology at the University of Padua where he holds the first Italian Chair of Philosophy of Biological Sciences. Bifani, who will chair the meeting with Professor Thomas Stocker, climate scientist from the University of Bern, and Professor Elisa Palazzi, climate scientist from the University of Turin. At 7pm there will be a social event with Tim Bravo, Lamborghini Communications Director. Starting at 9pm, here is Canto d’acqua with Telmo Pifani and Cristiano Godano. The two combine art and science in their secular prayer for water.

Tomorrow at 4pm we will start talking about biosocial diversity and artificial intelligence with Anna Vaccarelli from the President of Pisa and Massimiliano Colombi from the Catholic University of the Sacred Heart. The day’s social event, scheduled for 5 p.m., will feature Eric Goldemberg, artist, architect, associate professor and digital design coordinator at Florida International University in Miami, and Enrico “Kiko” Ceciligo, a musician who has worked starting out in Los Angeles, and featuring the likes of Ken Allardyce Jeff Peters and the legendary Eddie Kramer. At 6 p.m., there will be a panel discussion on the topic of biosocial diversity and institutions, moderated by Adolfo Valente (CNBC chapter). Space for Jesús D’Alessandro (Unibe), Maria Perbellini (Director of the New York Institute of Technology and repeatedly involved in Peccioli System projects, including Peccioli-New York 2024) and with them also Mayor Renzo Mascelloni, and District President Eugenio Gianni. The second day concludes at 9 pm with a concert by Massimiliano Calderai. The opening of November 5 will take place at 10 am with the theme of music, art and activists of the social revolution moderated by Paolo Arrigoni, Head of Communications and External Relations at Nuovo Imaie. With him will be Paolo Canevari (artist), Valeria Orani (curator), Patricia Catalano (journalist and curator) and Giacomo Bianchi (Articella). The third social event, from 12 noon, with Brett Litman, who will stand on stage with Fabio Venuti (Italian Cultural Institute in New York) and Moon Hoon (architect from Seoul).

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