Fiat rescues the famous model from the 1960s for less than 19 thousand euros

Fiat rescues the famous model from the 1960s for less than 19 thousand euros

as much as Fiat They knew that their 500 So is he Pandaespecially in its home market in the case of the latter, have remained very interesting options on the market in terms of sales, and the Italian brand has recently decided to take another step forward and update much of its range with the launch of one of its most anticipated models: Fiat 600.

Obviously, most of the veterans in our country remember with great affection the original Fiat 600, a model that went on sale in Italy at the end of the 1950s and which was sold in Spain by the famous Seat seat 600.

All you have to do is see the pictures Fiat 600 The current 600 is a step up from the current 500, a model more similar in size to the original 600.

The Fiat 600 indicates success

The Italian brand idea is the same as that of other manufacturers of the giant Stellantis to which it belongs Fiat, and it is only the introduction of very compact crossovers and SUVs to the market that makes us really interesting options for everyday use in urban environments between cities and for some escapes away from the city. It is no coincidence then that this one is Fiat 600 Share the platform and many components with it Pocket Avenger.

The best in its case is that in addition it has a 100 x 100 electric version Fiat They've also chosen to launch a version that has a 100bhp micro-hybrid motor which allows it to shine ECO sign Achieving low consumption, an ideal mechanism for mobility in urban environments that allows this model to have a starting price with discounts that remain below 19,000 euros.

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This won't be easy 600 Emulating the sales numbers that the 500 has had for many years, but given that it is part of the fashion sector in Spain, this new bet of the Italian brand has many numbers to end up becoming a much successful model. Spain as in Europe.

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