Fiat Fastback: now also Abarth

Fiat Fastback: now also Abarth

Double power – In Brazil, Fiat markets models not designed for the European market. Among these models is the Fastback, a 443 cm long coupe SUV developed on the MLA platform. now Fiat fastback It is also available with the brand AbarthWhich gives it an extra dose of sportiness. The version with Scorpio is offered with a 4-cylinder turbo capable of running on gasoline and ethanol: in the first case power The maximum is 180 hpIt reaches 185 hp per second. However, torque is always 270 Nm, thanks to which the all-wheel drive coupe can accelerate from 0 to 100 km/h in 7.6 seconds and reach a top speed of 220 km/h (ethanol-powered).

Mathematical preparation – the new Abarth fastback It also features model-specific adjustments, such as calibration engine Born in exchange 6-speed automatic, which now allows for faster and sportier shifts. the Guidance More direct and wider tires have been made which ensures better grip. For cars bearing the Abarth brand voice Very important: that’s why the Fastback features a dual exhaust system that gives the car the typical roar of the company founded by Carlo Abarth. the comment They have been lowered by 5mm to add more stability and reduce roll. The springs are stiffer, and the front suspension has a new geometry for improved handling. There are three Driving mode: Normal, Manual and Poison. The latter, which can be activated via a red button on the steering wheel, allows for more decisive driving, thanks to the dynamic torque vectoring system and less intrusive electronic controls.

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Custom aesthetics -The red details on the wheels and front wing could not be missing. Regardless of the body colour, the rear-view mirrors are black, as is the roof. On the grille, in addition to the Abarth logo, there is also the Italian flag created using the Fiat logo. The rear spoiler improves aerodynamics. Inside, black dominates, alternating with red details, as can be seen on the seats made of eco-leather with red stitching. to’Abarth fastback It is positioned at the top of the model range and is therefore equipped with all the infotainment and safety technology that Fiat offers in South America, such as the Connect///Me connected services platform and a wide range of advanced driver assistance systems. The Abarth Fastback is sold in Brazil for 159,990 reais, which is equivalent to the current exchange rate About 29,800 euros.

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