They combed the Besos to find Juan, who was missing in the Good Shepherd

They combed the Besos to find Juan, who was missing in the Good Shepherd

The second day in a row for neighborhood organizing To locate JuanAnd 70 year old man from good shepherd disappear Since Friday this Sunday The residents of the neighborhood continued the raids. Since morning: More than thirty people have organized themselves and are participating in the search operation. It started at Llosa de Bon Pasteur.

The Mossos d’Esquadra made a call on Saturday to find him, but for hours the citizens living in the Juan neighborhood have been taking to the streets to find him. Combing the Bessos River In order to find it. The neighbors explained that Grenade launchers Join the search along the river, with Ground and air devicesbut without success. Also on Sunday, the Mossos family approached the raid to explain to the residents what had been done so far and to remind them to be careful and not to enter hard-to-reach corners.

Sarah Gil, Juan’s sister-in-law, explains that she lost track of him on Friday afternoon, and at that time, As he usually did, he was walking along the river bank. He left the house around 6:15 p.m. and an hour later someone found him. This wasThe last time anyone saw Juanwho told him he was walking. Towards the beach.

Raids for hours to find Juan

On Saturday morning, firefighters searched for Juan, as Sarah herself explained. Emergency personnel They called the search after hours, at noon.When they did not find No trace of the missing To the river. However, the search for the neighbors continued until the evening, from head to toe for Bessos.

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The family is concerned that Juan is disoriented by the illness.

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