Facing Fran பிரான்ois Hollande pushes back potential presidential candidates

Facing Fran பிரான்ois Hollande pushes back potential presidential candidates

(Paris) Former French President Franois Hollande summarizes in a book published on Wednesday that current state president Emmanuel Macron and far-right activist Eric Zemmor, candidates for the April 2022 presidential election, praise them for their qualifications for social democracy.

In his book entitled To face (Version stock), the former Socialist leader (2012-2017) reviews various infamous or declared presidential candidates and contradicts some of them: he calls Emmanuel Macron “unprincipled, traveler without a compass”, “changing views according to events, like a frog on water lilies” Jumping from one belief to another. “

Far-right orthodoxist Eric Zemmor fed that “growing bitterness” was not adequately recognized. “But even in miniature, Trump doesn’t want to,” Mr Holland says.


To face From Franயிois Holland

Not officially announced for the 2022 spring deadline Traditional French far-right Marine Le Pen received 15% to 16% of the vote.

Who is best suited to “face” the major challenges of France and the great transformation of “society”, to restore confidence in the midst of chaos, resignation, exhaustion and dissociation? Not liberal, not sovereign, not “left-wing” or ecological. This is good old social democracy, ”Hollande told AFP.

However, he argues that the need for a “youth bath” and that in 2022 the candidate for this social democracy, the Socialist Mayor of Paris, Anne Hidalgo, will have a “global plan” and “address everyone.”

Franுவாois Hollande praised the merits of this “peaceful, determined and determined woman” and advised her to “unite the majority of the French people” and “be proud of her socialist identity”.

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“I call on the people to mobilize around the driving force that should be on the left side of the government,” he said in a daily interview. Parisian On Tuesday evening, he reaffirmed that he was not a presidential candidate.

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