“Entry-level careers” in Reus are underway

“Entry-level careers” in Reus are underway

Primode Outlet, on Carrer de les Galanes, and Mister Pan 4 supermarket, on Carrer del Camí de l'Aleixar, will be the first two stores Commercial institutions That in 2024 they will participate in the project “Apprentice craftsman“, which aims to make it as easy as possible to learn and use the Catalan language when dealing with the public in the commercial sector.

Within the framework of this project Linguistic Unification Center of the Reus Mikel Ventura Regiona series of face-to-face sessions in the workplace are offered to people posted in commercial establishments who respond to a similar profile: they have little knowledge of the Catalan language and few options to attend a course, due to their working hours.

In this Sessions (Five of 30 minutes or ten of 15 minutes) Oral language skills are worked on and the content is adapted to the real communicative needs of the learners. In addition, an attempt is made to at least educate the trader to greet clients in Catalan.

Actually, this one creative The project also wants to influence customers, who if they do not stop speaking Catalan because they find out that the merchant is of foreign origin, this will undoubtedly help them see Catalan as a useful language for their business.

In 2023, 52 enterprises were visited in Reus, and twelve people from 10 companies participated in the program. At L'Hospitalet de l'Infant, twelve visits were made to restaurants and four workers from one of the visited establishments received this short training in Catalan.

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Among the participating institutions From barbershops to markets Passing bars and clothing stores: Maskepan Supermercado, in c. mother Molas, 30; Catalonia 2 Reus Supermarket, on street. of Catalan countries, 162; Condis Niloga, in G. del Générale Morages, 70 years; And Finalium, in the suburb of Santa Ana, 16 years; Bar La Cantonada, p. Mercy, 14; Barber shop on Route 66, across the street. To Peter the Honorable 21; Bazaar La Elegance, on Rue. James I, 28; Bazaar Cholo Regalo II, in La Riera de Mero, 7; Suki Boutique, on Street. de Pere el Cerimoniós, 23 years old, in Reus, and Le P'tit Normand restaurant, on Via Augusta, 40 years old, in l'Hospitalet de l'Infant.

“Comerços aprenents” is an initiative of the Linguistic Normalization Union to promote the use of the Catalan language, it is implemented in different Catalan regions and is the result of the analysis of Ofercat studies, which show that the lowest indicators of use of the Catalan language are business establishments managed by employees of foreign origin.

If a store is interested in participating or if a consumer wants to suggest a trainee trade, they can contact [email protected].

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