Farmers keep the AP-7 and N-2 roads closed and lift the blockade of the port of Tarragona

After Tuesday's very intense mobilization in the agricultural and livestock sector in different parts of Catalonia, protests continue on Wednesday. The farmers spent the night in AP-7 and N-2A Pontusin alternative Empordà.

With mattresses, tents, meat grills, more than 300 farmers from Girona spent the night at the cutting point on AP-7from where they say they have no plans to move During the day

During Tuesday's protests, farmers and ranchers demonstrated Several barriers with tires, tree trunks and branchesWhich led to the ignition of the obstacles that still exist on the AP-7 road.

According to the official spokesperson for the platform Pisa revolution In this cut, Jordi Ginibridathey won't think about raising it unless they get it Concrete solutions:

“We will not leave here, until there is this call. We will not hold a meeting to cancel anything. Those who returned home are returning, convinced to endure whatever it takes.”

He added: “We want solutions. If they put them on the table, we will present them, and if people are satisfied with the solutions, we will withdraw.”

Girona farmers maintain reductions in N-2 and AP-7 production (3Cat)

in the morning They pulled tractors Which occupied the N-2 road They cut down the pine trees They got in the way, and shortly after biker He had an accident because he didn't see them in time.

Traffic on the AP-7 and N-2 routes in the north direction was diverted by Departure from VladimoulsAs you can see in this traffic video:

This reduction has prevented all types of vehicles in France from driving on the highway Narbonne In the direction of Catalonia, trucks with heavy loads are given the option to turn towards it Toulouse Languedoc To enter Spanish territory via Basque country.

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Carriers complain about discounts

The blocking of the main roads linking Catalonia to Northern Catalonia and France has a significant impact Transport of goodsTransport companies have complained about this.

Presidents AcitransThe majority in Girona accused the government of this More responsible than farmers:

“It is not the farmers who are blocking our way, but the state, because they blocked traffic for 50 kilometers before the farmers did.”

In statements to TV3, the employer confirmed this It never happenedAnd this is only in the last 24 hours in the range 3 hours in the afternoon Traffic has reopened.

Trucks detained at the border begin to move

Shortly before ten o'clock passage It was reported that traffic had returned to normalAP-7 Towards the north at altitude Junquera

An hour later they said footsteps Whooping coughl Bigcerda I am from Livia They will open intermittently because Trucks detained at the border Walking can be resumed:

The blockade ends at the port of Tarragona and continues at the Ares Pass

On the other hand, dozens of tractors that spent the night Blocking access to the port of Tarragonaon the A-27 they raised the pieces shortly after 10 am.

The farmers had already decided to continue packing during this period 24 hours At a meeting held there on Wednesday, they ratified it and then began leaving.

Once the road was cleared, it was done First trucks They were able to enter the port of Tarragona shortly after 11:30.

Tractors parked on the A-27 motorway, next to the entrance to the port of Tarragona (ACN/Eloi Tost)

During the day on Tuesday, a group of farmers goes Also block Francoli Industrial Area and N-340Although at seven in the evening they removed the blocks in these two areas.

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Meanwhile, some tractors did You are walking downtownEspecially on Plaça Imperial Tarraco and Rambla Nova.

the Tractors from Terres de l'EbreAfter joining the protests that continued throughout Tuesday, They returned home on board AP-7accompanied by Mossos d'Esquadra.

And the farmers of the Girona regions – many of them high-mountain pastoralists – are also They continued to block the C-38 at Ares Passthe mountain pass of the Pyrenees that connects the regions of Ripolls and Valesperre.

He spent about thirty nights inside the tractors and they say they will spend the whole day there on Wednesday.

Lleida peasants postpone mobilization

on the side, Lleida farming platform It had announced a new mobilization for this Wednesday They had to influence in many ways Even the center of the capital will run, but they decided that at first They pay them For this Thursday

They decided after much debate about the opportunity to go out on the roads, and there was speculation as to whether they could go on the roads like the AP-2, A-2, A-22, N-240, N-240, and AP-2. LL-12, C-14, C-12/C-45.

Mercabarna, C-17 and C-25, closed

This Tuesday, Dozens of tractors headed from Baix Llobregat and Anoia to Mercabarna With the aim of stopping him, they managed to do so in two of the three entrances.

After an intense morning of mobilization, all the demonstrators, who were divided between arriving from Barcelona and arriving from Prat de Llobregat, They returned home at four in the afternoon.

Tractors block the entrance to Mercaparna on Tuesday (Europa Press/Kike Rincón)

For their part, Central Catalonia's farmers closed their doors all day Meeting of C-17 and the transverse axisC-25, in a protest that was not resolved as of 12 midnight on Tuesday.

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An intense week of packing

The farmers' protests that began on Monday with Packing all over the countryThey seek to continue putting their key demands on the table.

Some of these proposals are Reducing bureaucracy For your daily work or Equal conditions For products imported from countries outside the European Union.

today February 21The farmers have planned Another job in MadridIn front of the Ministry of Agriculture headquarters.

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