Doing Risky Political Activity…Under the Sheets –

Doing Risky Political Activity…Under the Sheets –

What we are going to present to you is one of those news that aims to make people discuss and debate for a long time, bearing in mind that we are talking about politics and sexuality or rather, more precisely, the relationship between political activity and sexuality. performance.

In fact, a study conducted by a group of Irish doctors revealed some intriguing effects, which we can define as “collateral”, on male actors who engage in political activism.

From June 2021 to June 2022, a group of researchers examined a sample of 100 married male politicians, ages 40 to 50, who were asked to fill out a questionnaire with 50 questions related to their lifestyle, intimate habits, timing, and time off. Duration of sexual displays with their partners.

Each of the 100 selected politicians was followed for twelve months with personal assistance, which analyzed and recorded every action of the day. At the end of the testing period, the subjects were asked to fill out a new questionnaire whose data was indexed and processed.

The final report shows that the more consistent and intense the political activity carried out, the lower the sexual functioning and quality of functioning of the subjects examined.

The “side” effects appear more pronounced and pronounced in those who hold managerial positions at the regional and local levels because, according to the study,70.3% It went from an average of 65 sexual contacts in one year, declared “moderately satisfactory” by the subjects concerned, to an average of 12 per year, declared “somewhat satisfactory” by the subjects concerned by 68.4% and by 31.6% as “unsatisfactory”.

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to me 2.7% Of the sample, sexual intercourse is less than the 8 per year threshold and all declared ‘unsatisfactory’.

So creepy 27% To which he replied that he did not have sexual intercourse due to erectile dysfunction.

Things are relatively better for those who engage in active politics in national and transnational government institutions because, again according to the studied sample, the decline in performance is more contained.

From a maximum of 80 sexual contacts per year, which are declared “highly satisfactory,” it drops, in fact, to a maximum of 48 sexual contacts per year, of which 79.3% are declared “highly satisfactory.”

According to prof. Igor Fish, who directed the group of researchers, to be most affected by the decline in performance and the quality of performance are politicians who occupy active management positions. However, the percentage decline in the ranks of the opposition forces is more contained.

In short, dear gentlemen, if you want to devote yourself to politics, know that you are facing some “side” effects and that it is best to evaluate your choices more carefully.

If you can’t do without it, choose to stay in opposition: you won’t have the power to judge, maybe you’ll lose some extra allowances, but at least you’ll keep a minimum of jobs… less than a bed-linen!

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