Died of injuries sustained in a fall down the stairs Corriere.it

Died of injuries sustained in a fall down the stairs Corriere.it
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The first wife of the former US president was found dead on July 14 in her apartment in Manhattan

Fromcorpse dissection He appears yellow solution subordinate Ivana Trump diesAnd the The first wife of the former president of the United States. Injuries sustained by falling down the stairs could have caused death. The ABC network Quoting the sources of the medical staff who conducted the examinations ordered by the Public Prosecutor.

Ivana Maria Zelnikovathe former model born at that time 73- Czechoslovakia
years ago, who died on July 14. His body was found lying on the stairs of the apartment in which he lived Manhattan On 64th Street, directly across from the street central Park. The woman had earlier had dinner in an Italian restaurant where she was regular customer. Initially, the cause of death was attributed to A heart stop Or for illness, even if the staff of the place where she ate that evening announced that she appeared as healthy as ever. Zach Erdemwho is a friend of the woman, revealed it instead New York Post That Ivana was recently accused of walking problems: she told me that she had pains in her legs and was not even able to get out. When her friend advised her to see a doctor, she replied: No, I hate going to doctors. I get sick more often when I go there. The alarm was set off on July 14 by a former model domestic worker, and paramedics, firefighters and police officers immediately intervened. Many on social media questioned the cause of death, fueling a small yellow Which appears to have now been resolved, although it is not clear if the fall was accidental or due to illness. However, investigators have ruled out that she was killed by anyone.

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How Giuseppe Sarsina’s books, Corriere’s Washington correspondent, Ivana’s family represented an alternative world to that of the great metropolis. The former model grew up in the woods, outdoors, with dad Milos who took her for hunting and fishing. In 1971, she married her first of four husbands: the Austrian Alfred Winkelmayr, Ski coach. In March 1972 he received an Austrian passport. The following year you left your wife and immigrated to Canada. Shortly thereafter, she was in New York, in one of the most famous clubs. She meets a tall and ambitious blond guy. My name is Donald. That was 1976, and they celebrated the following year noisy wedding. Ivana was completely integrated into New York society in the 80s: business, even the cool, unscrupulous nightlife, friendships with the strong.

The former model had three children from a businessman with whom she was related Until 1990. It was the former president himself who reported the death with a post on his “social truth”: he announced with great sadness to all who loved him, and there were many, that Ivana Trump passed away in her Manhattan home. She was a wonderful, beautiful and playful woman who lived a very inspiring life. His pride and happiness are his three children. Donald Jr, Ivanka and Eric. She was so proud of them and we were so proud of her. Rest in peace, Ivana.

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