Danger from Space: A malfunctioning satellite crashes to Earth | ESA discovers how to avert disaster

Danger from Space: A malfunctioning satellite crashes to Earth |  ESA discovers how to avert disaster
Aeolus Satellite – www.iPaddisti.it

Earth is about to become the protagonist of a new satellite landing. This is explained by the European Space Agency, the European Space Agency, which runs the operation.

The satellite in question is called Aeolus and has been of fundamental importance for studies of terrestrial winds. After 5 years of service, he can finally get home with maneuvers that won’t be easy.

Aeolus It was launched into orbit August 22, 2018 with a purpose Improve knowledge of Earth’s winds and meteorology in general. Thanks to its surveys around the world, the scientific community has discovered more models of the behavior of atmospheric events, making predictions more effective.

In addition to the wind, the satellite also played a major role in understanding phenomena related to climate and global warmingAs well as the effects of air pollution.

His enormous contribution to the understanding of the creation and movements of the winds is mainly due to his measuring instrument Aladdin (Atmospheric LAser Doppler INstrument) It consists of three elements, thanks to which Aeolus was able to measure the wind speed from the satellite site to the ground, even if in the presence of scattered clouds.

Aeolus Returns to Earth, ESA version

in the last days European Space Agency Soon, he said, he will accompany the satellite back to Earth on a very special re-entry. If re-entry of debris and satellites in general occurred in a completely uncontrolled manner, endangering structures and people, Aeolus would be able to Land safely approx.

Wind – www.iPaddsiti.it (Source: freepik)

“This assisted reentry attempt goes far beyond the mission’s safety regulations, which were planned and designed in the late 1990s,” explained Tim Flohrer of the European Space Agency. “Once it was discovered that it was possible to really minimize risks to organisms and infrastructure The gears are set If all goes well Aeolus will find himself as well In line with current safety regulations for today’s designed tasks“.

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Right now, Aeolus is back on Earth and should stop running in about a month July, or no later than the beginning of August. This large time space is mainly due to the mysterious speed at which it is traveling out of the atmosphere. What is certain is that about 280 km above the Earth’s surface, the inputs will point to the satellite in any landing areas Safely, as in the oceans.

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