Crisanti: “I’ve never been threatened by any abusive emails, just a few abusive emails”

I have never been threatened by any of the faxesVirologist Andrea Crisanti, director of the Department of Molecular Medicine at the University of Padua, told Adnkronos Salute. I have received some messages that were insulting, and some emails with insulting overtones. But there is nothing specific. His notoriety grew among the general public in these two years of the pandemic, as the scientist who put one of the first Covid outbreaks under the lens, Vo’ Euganeo, and highlighted the importance of traceability and having an effective tampon system thus far: months in the spotlight, has raised His positions on the most important debate issues.

However, despite his frankness, he did not attract the arrows of deniers and opponentsHe did not end up in the crossfire as other experts, or worse still, was attacked by infectious specialist Matteo Bassetti. “Just simple emails”, reports the expert who, in any case, does not seem very interested in social networks and their dynamics. The only episode he remembers of the comments he received on the web that surprised him was the day after his first dose of the anti-Covid vaccine: “The injection was given in public, even if I did not like the story of the cameras, and the video went viral on YouTube – he said in those days of January 2020 – but for some, even that is not enough. Some wrote that the needle was partially covered, while the operator inserted it into my arm.”

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