Covid, easyJet and British companies have canceled 500 flights in 3 days due to contagi-

Covid, easyJet and British companies have canceled 500 flights in 3 days due to contagi-

EasyJet and British Airways had to cancel nearly 500 flights Between Saturday 2 April and Monday 4 mainly due to Flight attendants and pilots infected with Covid-19. Concerned passengers more than 45 thousand. Other flights during the week should also be canceled. All this in the days when British companies are removing the mask obligation for passengers on internal communications and those between European countries where there is no longer an obligation Wearing a protective device.


Self EasyJet and British Airways cancel about 100 flights every Saturdaythe next day to British low cost eliminated another 1398% of scheduled connections, e British Airways 91Approximately one-seventh of the expected frequencies. about On Monday 4 April, based on data updated at 5 pm (Italian time), easyJet plans to cancel 106 flights per day. According to FlightAware platform, while British Airways 57. A further 49 flights are canceled for tomorrow (22 British flights and 27 easyJet flights), but the budget is set to be revised upwards. So far, according to what Courier serviceAnd the For easyJet, cancellations relate to 90% of flights to and from the UK and the remaining 10% in the rest of Europe.


As the rate of Covid-19 infection rises across Europe, EasyJet, like most companies, is seeing more sick employees than usualAl . explains Courier service A spokesperson for the airline. To reduce its effect, we have activated the Extra Crew spells. However, due to the large number of resources paralleling the disease We have also decided to move forward with some precautionary cancellations, particularly those flights that operate with more frequencies per day.This is to reduce the inconvenience as much as possible and we apologize for it. EasyJet customers – continues the spokesperson – have been contacted and informed of the options available to them, which include Rebook an alternative flight, receive a voucher or get a full refund.

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