Covid-19: Montreal is in good condition, but the delta variant is worrying

In early summer, the Regional Directorate of Public Health (DRSP) said Montreal was in a good position to deal with COVID-19. The latter is concerned with the possible arrival of the delta variant.

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“Even though Montreal has moved to the yellow level, we have reopened many more dangerous areas. We do not see any impact on the number of cases, all of which are positive,” D said Tuesday.Re Myline Druin, Regional Director of Public Health for the Montreal Region

In Montreal, as of June 22, 648 new cases of COVID-19 have been listed in the last 14 days, which are still declining. Across the island, 68% of people received at least one dose of the vaccine, and 18% received a second dose.

“We should have a drop in the number of explosions as classes end this week,” said D.C.Re Before the summer break, Druin made a final assessment of the situation in Montreal. However, he announced that the DRSP would continue its efforts to raise public awareness and encourage vaccination.

Next Monday, if all goes well, Montreal will move to the Green Zone, which will allow health measures to be further reduced.

Despite the positive indicators, dRe However, Druin admitted that he was concerned about the arrival of the Delta variant, which is highly contagious and the hospital admission rates are high.

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“He’s going to walk. We do not know when we can push him away. He will probably enter through Montreal. We need to put up a wall of joint immunity to prevent outbreaks,” he predicted.

The DRe Druin also stressed that the islanders must already be vaccinated in order to enjoy the summer activities in full protection.

“It is not over yet. We should not set aside the efforts we have made in recent months,” he recalled.

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