Costa Cruises, unforgettable memories with the sea as a backdrop

Costa Cruises, unforgettable memories with the sea as a backdrop

Costa Cruises, unforgettable memories with the sea as a backdropCosta cruises

Cruise on board Costa CruiseIt’s much more than just hurt. It is a transformative experience that will take you to unique destinations, immersing you in the richness of their history, culture and beauty. All of this offers unforgettable experiences whether on board or on the ground to double the fun of the trip.

With an unbeatable quality-to-price ratio, Costa offers its guests an impressive fleet of modern and sustainable ships to experience the most complete travel adventure possible: comfortable, fun, relaxing and full of unforgettable moments.

The experiences and flavors of soaring on the high seas

Starting this year, Costa Cruises is including a series of new complimentary immersive experiences that guests can enjoy exclusively on board: The Sea Destinations. Revolutionizing the way a cruise is experienced while navigating further enriches the journey, allowing you to enjoy the iconic places included in the ship’s itinerary from the unique perspective of the sea.

The experiences and flavors of soaring on the high seas

A journey within a journey thanks to which passengers will have the possibility to enjoy the starry sky, in the dead of night, with the explanation of an expert capable of discovering the secrets of the universe in the deepest darkness of the Mediterranean; Dancing at sunset off the coast of Formentera; Enjoy a French breakfast on the deck at dawn, in front of the unique landscape of the Calanques, on the coast of Marseille; Or experience a light show on the high seas where the secrets of some of the sea’s most incredible creatures are revealed. Exciting moments only available with Costa that will ultimately introduce guests to new destinations between sky and sea, to enjoy while sailing.

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This novelty combines local flavours: a wide range of high-quality cuisine offerings by three Michelin-starred chefs – the Italian Bruno Barbieri, the Frenchman Hélène Darroze and Angel Leon, “Chef del Mar”, who interpret every night. Included in the price of the trip is a dish of traditional gastronomy for the destinations to be discovered the next day.

Lion angel

In addition, guests are also offered the first sushi restaurant at sea, Sushino; Pummid’Oro pizzeria, where sourdough bases and the purest traditional mozzarella are prepared daily; Teppanyaki restaurant, and the crown jewel: Archipelago, with menus designed exclusively for Costa by Michelin-starred chefs.

So that they do not lose the essence that distinguishes them and that language is not an obstacle, Costa cruises It continues to offer services under the “Sabor Español” brand on board a fully adapted ship with a Spanish-speaking crew, tables made in Spain, dishes based on the Mediterranean diet and a sea of ​​interesting shows with famous comedians from the national scene. Another link within the on-board entertainment offer, which also includes an endless number of options to keep the pace going.

Costa Cruises offers fully air-conditioned services with Spanish-speaking crew.

Destinations for 2024

In 2024, Costa Cruceros offers travelers the opportunity to indulge in unique adventures and explore wonderful destinations far from traditional tourist routes. Our Mediterranean and Northern European itineraries are designed to discover unexplored landscapes and lesser-known routes, ensuring an unforgettable experience.

Thus, on board Costa Pacifica from Valencia and Costa Smeralda from Barcelona, ​​passengers will explore some of the most impressive destinations in the Mediterranean, traveling through France, Italy and the Balearic Islands and experiencing the evolution of the Carrer de les Fonts in Aix. – ar- Provence, near Marseille, admiring the historical beauty of Vinalborgo and Noli, near Savona, the grandeur of Rome and Bagnoregio, the nearby city that is set to disappear because it loses 7 centimeters a year. Or enjoy the colors of the island of La Maddalena near Corsica, the grandeur of Naples and explore the paradisiacal beaches of Cagliari in Sardinia.

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The coast of the Greek Theater and the Ionian Sea

In addition, Costa Fascinosa, with weekly direct flights from Spain, will take them through Italy, Greece and Malta, where they can immerse themselves in the heritage of Taranto and Catania, the wonders of Mykonos and Santorini, and the fascinating history of Valletta. And if that’s not enough, for those who want to combine Athens, the Greek Islands and Istanbul in the same week, Costa Fortuna is the perfect choice.

On the other hand, for Northern European adventurers, Costa Diadema offers routes via Denmark and Norway, exploring Copenhagen, the Bergen Fjords and Stavanger, with direct flights from Spain.

All this with a very special promotion for this summer with reservations until June 30: drinks are free. You can make your reservation for just €50, with no cancellation fees up to 30 days before departure.

Door to door

Costa cruises It differentiates itself by offering a travel experience that begins in the comfort of home thanks to its “door to port” transportation offer. A service that makes it easier for customers to reach departure ports by plane, train or bus at very special prices.

Aiming to provide passengers with maximum peace of mind, the Italian company collaborates with Renfe and Iryo to guarantee passengers access to rail transport services, with more connections than any other operator from several cities in Spain.

This initiative guarantees direct connections from cities such as Madrid, Seville, Malaga, Cordoba and Zaragoza to the ports of Barcelona and Valencia. Thus, passengers can conveniently arrive at the cruise departure point, and enjoy an additional advantage that adds value and ease to their travel experience with Costa Cruises.

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Costa Cruises allow you to live a unique cruise experience.

Innovative and sustainable tourism

Costa cruises Combining comfort, unlimited fun, great cuisine and sustainability on every trip. In terms of sustainability, Costa seeks not only to make a positive economic impact, but also to make a social impact in the communities in which it operates. For many years, it has donated high-quality food to organizations and soup kitchens through the Barcelona Food Bank, an initiative that has now started in Valencia and Palma de Mallorca. In addition, Costa Cruises implements several social action initiatives to support people most in need through the Costa Crociere Foundation.

In addition, Costa Cruises has been a world leader in the use of LNG and continues to increase the number of ships in its fleet that can be fully connected to the electricity grid while in port. In addition, it can generate 90% of the water consumed on board, reflecting its commitment to environmental sustainability.

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