An open conflict between Comin and the entity providing coverage to the Council of the Republic

An open conflict between Comin and the entity providing coverage to the Council of the Republic

For some you need “Investigate the matter thoroughly.”For others it is a struggle “Somewhat personal” And for the rest one “The administrative chaos that emerged from the mother.” These are some answers to Open conflict Between two CatGlobal ASP – the private entity that provides legal and financial cover to the Council of the Republic in Belgium and which was investigated in the Vollhoff and Democratic Tsunami cases – and Tony Comyn, their interlocutor with the government in exile and who repeated the role of Junts MEP in the European Parliament. The last elections are on June 9.

The four directors of the entity They sent a message that El Món was able to accessTo members of the Council’s government, they bombed a series of “Giants” Which were found they describe as a “A series of incidents relating to accounting, taxation, legality and public financial management which, in addition to highlighting obvious ineffectiveness, were often not implemented in accordance with Belgian law”. Criticisms are directed at Komen as the “interlocutor” between the two entities, and demand… “replacing” Immediately. Problems paying bills and salaries, changes in entities managing money or accounting failures are some of the items that have been reported.

Official sources confirm that the accounts are clear and talk about personal tensions and “angry” people.

But official sources in the Council assure Al-Mon that the accounts are clear and that they are subject every year, without problems, to the control and review of the Belgian treasury. Which regulates associations and institutions located in the country. Although they admit it “Some people got drunk” With the Komen method of management. However, other members of the Council’s government, such as aurora Madaula, They have listened to CatGlobal’s complaint and, above all, are examining the documents accompanying the letter. In fact, Madaoula made himself available to the complainants to explain all the events and pledged to investigate them. “If it is proven, there must be consequences.” Statements in statements to El Mon newspaper.

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Image of the government of the Council of the Republic in Repsaltes

Harsh accusations

The letter sent by CatGlobal is signed by the head of the entity Jaume Bernice, Secretary, Piet van den Bergh, Treasurer, Piri Jordi Junqui de Fortuny, and Ordinary Administration Delegate, Josep Monrappa. The document states that the association “receives donations from citizens and allocates them for reasonable political use.” In this line, they explain that the government representative in the Council of the Republic, Tony Comyn, is the one who “I point out what these destinations are.”. They pointed out, “But the representative must ensure that these destinations are always compatible with the law and the principle of good management.” But they claim to have done so “It found that this was not the case, because the representative, beyond his powers, also directed the ordinary management of CatGlobal.”

This situation, for the signatories, “contradicts the elementary rules of transparency” in the sense that the roles have been confused by “placing the political responsibility and financial responsibility of Catglopla on the representative of the Council of the Republic himself.” Disadvantage when “it is necessary to clearly distinguish between these two areas for obvious reasons of good link management and transparency.” The signatories go further and say: “In the field of CatGlobal’s management, we have discovered a series of incidents related to accounting, taxation, legality and in general to financial management which, in addition to highlighting They are clearly ineffective, and often not implemented in accordance with Belgian lawa”.

Various accidents

In the letter sent to the Government of the Republic Council and the attached documents, they blame the “Accounting Department” which was forced to delay, due to the failure to submit invoices, in handing over the entity’s annual accounts. In fact, they regret that they have not yet been able to close the accounts for 2023. In addition, they demand that the invoices that must be submitted be “justified” so as not to cause problems with “Belgian taxes”. .

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On the other hand, they call it “unheard of” that Comyn is the person responsible for Catglobal’s financial management, but since he is not a member of the entity’s board of directors, “he does not bear legal responsibility for his actions.” Actions.” “This lack of communication causes serious problems and exposes members of Catalunya Global’s management to legal jeopardy, who are the legal representatives of CatGlobal and can be held legally liable for actions over which they have no direct control.” In fact, they blame Comin for “jeopardizing their reputation and that of CatGlobal.” And indirectly to the government of the Republic Council at risk.”

Part of the letter of complaint sent by CatGlobal to the Department of Government of the Republic Council/QS
Part of the letter of complaint sent by CatGlobal to the Department of Government of the Republic Council/QS

Salary arrears

One of the strongest criticisms refers to “treasury management.” The four signatories confirmed that they “found that some suppliers were paid, but not others, without following any verifiable standards.” In the same way they say that “Some suppliers were paid before CatGlobal was paid, resulting in a significant delay in paying workers.” On the other hand, they warn of a decline in donations, and they attribute this to the cessation of requests “partially or completely” through telemarketing companies that carried out promotional work.

Specifically, with regard to personnel management, a new irregularity appears according to the complainants, namely the creation of the Associació Culture de la República Global, a Catalan subsidiary of CatGlobal to be able to operate more independently from Catalonia. The complaint is that the entity is funded by money raised by CatGlobal and has put its workers on the payroll, a fact that “exacerbates the lack of transparency in management.”

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Switch to cumin

In light of all the grievances raised, CatGloblal representatives are demanding that Comin be replaced. “In fact, administratively, This mitigation had to happen sooner or later,” sources in the Republic Council indicate, who downplayed its importance. In any case, the criticism of the text’s authors is direct, and they emphasize it in black and white. “We would not like to end this message without mentioning that it is with great sadness that we observed how the representative of the Government of the Council of the Republic used his political and moral authority to assume tasks that were not within his competence.” “It turns out that he does not have the technical knowledge necessary for this,” they said. “Due to the loss of confidence in CatGlobal, we demand that it be replaced by two other members of the Government of the Council of the Republic.”they demand

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