Copilot's first GPT tools have arrived: they're free

Copilot's first GPT tools have arrived: they're free

Microsoft began to integrate GPTS In the free version of copilot. The rollout is currently underway, and for some, the new feature is already available. To access it, you don't need to use the Edge browser or authenticate with your account. Let's see what it's about.

Copilot: GPTs also for the free version

The Redmond Group confirmed to the editorial board WindowsLatest That the feature will not be an exclusive offer for those who have a Pro subscription and that it is ready to use Wide distribution. The site posted the screenshot visible below.

Currently, GPTs available to users consist of modules capable of providing targeted support for activities such as Create the image Starting from a text prompt (through the designer and leveraging the capabilities of OpenAI's DALL E 3 model), in order Planning a tripto find and prepare Recipes for fitness.

Microsoft announced its intention to introduce other programs during the next few weeks, with the aim of implementing specific tasks. In fact, every one of these Artificial intelligence agents Customize the experience that Copilot already offers, through a set of specific skills and knowledge.

How to create GPTs using Microsoft Copilot

Who owns a Subscribe for professionals (Announced last week, and offered in Italy for a monthly price of €22) It can create and customize your own GPT points. The method is similar to the one introduced by OpenAI when launching the GPT store. The process can begin by asking Copilot a targeted question, and is then organized into steps that include uploading a dataset and other actions.

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Continuing on topic, the Redmond group has, once again on the WindowsLatest website, confirmed its intention to continue providing access to the model GPT-4 Turbo Through the free version of your assistant, but only during time periods when there is no peak in orders.

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