Conte is out of the way, and is the first choice for Napoli’s bench

Conte is out of the way, and is the first choice for Napoli’s bench

Napoli are starting to nominate themselves for the role of the coach who will lead the team next season. Conte moves away while the Italian technical expert’s prices rise.

After another colorless test this season, which saw the Azzurri lose three points at the end of the match against Udine, the topic of training for next season has occupied the entire thoughts of the club president. NaplesAurelio From Lawrence. What the master collected was very little Calzonewhich despite itself failed to reverse the negative trend of Rudy’s previous two technical manuals Garcia Before and Walter Mazzarri then. The team seems listless and inconsistent, in need of a radical change. Many players will say goodbye, as will the current coach: a comprehensive revolution is necessary to give new enthusiasm to the environment that has been emptied after the disappointing season of the former Italian champions. Anthony ConteThe fans’ dream continues to lose its appeal with each passing day, while the prices of an experienced Italian coach from the Italian League are rising.

Napoli’s new coach quotes Gasperini for coming off the bench next year

According to what was reported in today’s issue of Corriere dello SportGian Piero Gasperini In first place for training Naples The next year, he overtook the blue shepherd in the hierarchy Pegs, Italian H Conte:

From Lawrence planning to renovate, Manna He is quickly approaching his new role, and together they have many elements of the blue puzzle to solve. Starting with a new coach is the cornerstone of a new coach Naples. Reflections on Gasperini (at the pole), Pegs H Italian (Main Stalkers) continues without stopping in proportions Conte They are now remaining.

The choice will also be philosophical: the Naples It has become beautiful with elegant football, made with quality and dribbling, and built with many players employed in the formation. The revolution requires careful assessments: a more physical, more intense, less impulsive football that would impose a more fundamental market, targeting new needs. However, the needs have been clear to all for some time: two defenders, a midfielder and a striker are the priorities.

Deceive Gasperini on the bench, Naples It would permanently burn relations with the recent past at the tactical level. Current coachAtalanta He is a purist of the three-man defence, meaning all market options should be reviewed based on this change, with the preference to buying multiple central defenders.

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Conte is out of the way, and is the first choice for Napoli's bench
Gian Piero Gasperini, La Presse,

Alternatives to Gasp They’re less extreme in that sense with Stefano Pegs And Vincenzo Italian Which would give continuity to the tactical project undertaken by Luciano Spalletti. Fans Naples They hope to get to know the face of the new coach as soon as possible, to quickly forget the sporting defeat of the current season and look forward to next year with optimism.

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