Complaints from mayors and the influence of Ripoll

The agreement between the Sánchez and Gontes government to delegate immigration-related competencies to the state shows how this issue has become a priority for the Puigdemont party. In fact, the Gontz National Council agreed on Saturday to go ahead with a national conference to take a stand there.

The formation's general secretary, Jordi Turol, stressed on Saturday that it is necessary to act against multiple criminals “who have lived here for 15 days or 8 generations” and considered it “absolutely unworthy” for his party to be accused of xenophobia. He added: “This blackmail of accusing us of xenophobia because we care and want to address this issue related to national immigration policy is absolutely undeserved.”

Tuesday 5 September. The former president of the state focused on immigration at the Brussels conference that called for setting the conditions for Pedro Sánchez's investment. Carles Puigdemont then integrates the transfer of powers As one of the necessary measures for a positive vote for “Together in Madrid”.

The first proposal in the public policy debate

Thursday 28 September. Together, put one to vote Proposed resolution for public policy discussion This is not going forward. The text talks about demanding “the transfer of powers from the Spanish government, with the necessary resources that entail it, to effectively manage the necessary policies, so that we can respond effectively to the rise in migration in our country.”

He justifies this as follows: “It leads to additional cost and additional economic and human effort for the Catalan administration, given the management of the migration rate of 16.2%, the highest in the entire Spanish state, without the corresponding resources.” We face it as a result of the financial deficit that we suffer from.”

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together He was left alone to defend the point. The House of Commons abstained from voting and other groups voted against it.

Complaints of mayors

December Many mayors of Junts, especially Maresme, They demand more means to eliminate multiple recidivism cases and take measures in immigration policies.

They demand the deportation of foreign criminals who commit crimes. Configuration management supports them. All of this opens up the sensitive relationship between insecurity and migration.

Ripoll effect

Sunday 28 May. After the municipal elections, Gontz loses the position of mayor of Ripoll, which And it goes into the hands of the extreme right By Sylvia Orioles. Orioles sweep by going from one homer, four years ago, to six.

The possibility that Alianca Catalana will take the step and present herself to Parliament forces the Puigdemont family to mark its territory in the migration phenomenon.

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