The statement signed by 300 leaders illustrates the power struggle within the Republican Left

The statement signed by 300 leaders illustrates the power struggle within the Republican Left

Three hundred ERC fighters signed a statement demanding “General renewal of leadership“. Text, Published in this site With a list of first signatoriesHe claims to be leading the party towards a model that is “more choral, collective and transparent and with greater participation from the grassroots, regional structure and municipal origins”. It calls for designing a “renewal process” for the November 30 conference.

The statement was signed by the Vice President, Laura Villagra; Advisors Roger Torrent, Esther Capella, David Mascourt, Meritexyl Seret I manil balsells; Sergey Sabria; Teresa Jordan, Ernest Maragall; Joan Puigcercos, Ernst Benach, Alba Verges, Marina Lansana And many current representatives, senators and regional cadres.

The statement was published only one month after the issuance of the extraordinary executive decision that ended with the announcement by the Chairman of the Equity and Reconciliation Commission, Oriol Junqueras, to resign – temporarily – from the position, and Marta Rovira, who explained that she will leave the position of Secretary-General after the conference is held on November 30. At that time, only two days had passed since he became president of the state. Peter Aragones He announced – while he was already in office – that he would leave the first political line, the day after the parliamentary elections on May 12.

The statement was also signed by other ERC figures such as Xavier Vendrell, Juan Manuel Tresras, Marta Sid, Oriol Amoros, John Rideau s Joseph Maria Renaud; 14 mayor and mayor com Luis Puig, Alba Perez, Mark Alloway, Carlos Brule, Mark Candela, Nuria Casanovas, Joseph Casassis, Augustin Comas, Enrique Forcada, Eloy Hernandez, Neil Babiol, Sandra Marco, Geordie parents Jordi Verdo. As well as the Deputy Mayor of Girona. Kim versesor an ERC consultant in Barcelona, Jordi Castellana. There are also dozens of council members and a former mayor Pau ricoma.

The text published on Sunday states that the country has “changed.” For this reason, “deep” thinking and “fresh air” entering the ERC are “indispensable”. The signatories consider the November 30 conference a “window of opportunity” to complete the “review” that the party bears the “historic responsibility” to carry out in order to lead the process of strategic rearmament of the popular base for Catalan independence and Republican sovereignty, they say. Defense.

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The text then refers to one of the concepts it has already used Marta Rovira When he advocated a “quiet transition.” The statement defends that it is “necessary” to rethink and modernize the organization to strengthen it. “The inevitable peaceful internal transition must be the seed of a new driving force to define a successful immediate future. With generosity, openness and the desire to be inclusive rather than exclusive. With internal unity and reliance on the enormous political capital that has accumulated in recent years.

The statement signed by about 300 IRP fighters also considers it “urgent” to carry out a political renewal that will lead, based on the testimony of the “ideological victories” pushed by the IRP, to a new broad social consensus to exercise the right to “autonomy.” -Determination. For this reason, the signatories add that Esquerra must lead spaces of strategic thinking to put it at the service of the independence movement as a whole and the democratic solution of the political conflict with the state through negotiation and referendum.

It will be necessary to see from now on how figures such as Marta Rovira herself or President Aragonés will position themselves in relation to the statement.

Infighting between supporters of Rovira and Junqueras

Junqueras officially submitted his temporary resignation as ERC President last Monday. Since then, Rovira has assumed the duties of party president, until the congress on November 30, when she will leave the position. Junqueras is expected to run strongly for re-election to the presidency. In fact, he also aspires to be at the top of the list thanks to the pardon, as soon as he is able to do so again. This battle over who will lead the ERC from December has caused multiple moves in recent weeks, which have interfered in the negotiations for the inauguration of the next prime minister, and in the management of Barcelona.

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On the one hand, Junqueras is seen as strong enough to run for re-election to Congress on November 30. Now committed to seeking “renewed support” from the Republican base, he is not giving up “anything” and considers he will run for re-election to head the Council for Revolutionary Research. Therefore, his resignation is only temporary, because he is “ready” to help the party “as much as possible.” If he is believed to have “explicit and renewed support” for the rules, Junqueras will run for re-election to the National Congress on November 30.

Furthermore, Junqueras realizes that both Aragonés and Rovira want to leave, and that they are somehow “consistent” if they do so. On the one hand, because of the poor results achieved by Aragonés on 12-M, and on the other hand, because Junqueras sees Rovira as co-responsible for the wear and tear that has occurred in recent yearsBecause he always supported the current state president in office. However, in this context, Junqueras does not feel responsible for the successes or failures of the state of Aragones. In fact, the party president considers that he was not part of any of the decisions taken in Palau, including the decision to advance the Catalan elections. But no other internal decisions have been made for the party, such as the names of the current executive branch or electoral lists.

This vision contradicts what the sector closest to Rovira and Aragones shows. This environment does not agree with that Junqueras imposed and objected to some names on the 12-M lists, including the name of the chancellor whom Aragonés wanted included in his candidacy. Junqueras even “criticized and disavowed” the list president and the head of the General Government in several meetings in recent months, as well as during the Catalan Women’s Campaign. Or that Junqueras repeatedly accused party leaders – and workers – of trying to make him invisible to the media.

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Junkeristas and Roviristas

It is not yet known who will lead the new phase of the ERC. Just that Rovira doesn’t want to have any position. But the two teams on the chessboard are already in a good position.

The Junqueras team has a small core in terms of quantity, but with some weight in the ERC structure, e.g Pau Morales (Organizational Secretary) S Julie Fernandez (Deputy Secretary-General). It also has an official spokesman in Madrid, Gabriel Ruffianor MP John Capdevila; Negotiator Oriol Lopez; Advisor Joan Ignasi Elena; President of the Port of Barcelona, Luis Salvado; Local fees com Eva Baron (Barcelona) or Carles comes Marco (Leda).

For her part, Rovira trusted names such as Aragonés himself – although he wants to leave the “political front line” – or government positions such as Laura Villagra, Esther Capella, Roger Torrent, Tania Verge or Sergi Sabria. Other figures from the Aragonese environment could be added, such as Carles Campuzano, Nuria Cuenca, Natalia Garriga, or Natalia Mas.

Apart from Palau, Roverismo also includes key figures in the party structure such as the Secretary General and Spokesperson. Marta Villalta; Or the speaker too Raquel Sans. In Parliament, this number stands out Joseph Maria Jove, head of the group in the last legislative council. Of the pawns there are notable names such as Laura Filaret Or the Madrid spokeswoman, Theresa Jordan. As well as the former counselor and pardoned prisoner Dolores BasaOr the former Speaker of Parliament and former leader of the African National Congress, Carmi Forcadell.

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