February 1, 2023

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ChatGpt, how it works and 10 amazing things it can do

gpt chat It is undoubtedly a phenomenon of recent months. Talking about a lot, with Great interest and sometimes anxiouslyRecently, alarm bells have sounded In a giant like Google. ChatGpt is a file Chatbots, any program that knows how to answer questions and speak. But it’s also much more than the ordinary, “dumb” chatbots that companies have been using for years, usually for customer support, with often frustrating results for consumers. He is surprisingly intelligent, can answer (almost) anything and can do many different things.
ChatGpt is part of the recent trend ofGenerative artificial intelligence: tools that start from Verbal instructions (Joint, Question) can generate text or strings from program code (eg ChatGpt) or even images (eg give her or Medjourneythat we have dealt with in the past) or even videos
They are tools that illustrate the incursion of machines into an area hitherto eminently human: territory Creativity, from creating “original” content that didn’t exist before. We put “original versions” in quotes because these AI programs don’t build from scratch, but rather draw on a massive archive from which they’ve been trained and mix the information they have, creating something (more or less) unpublished. But let’s not get into philosophical debates about creativity, authenticity, human and digital. Let’s stay specific: How to use ChatGpt And what can you make him do?

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