Abandoned mines and other underground cavities could be used to store green hydrogen

Abandoned mines and other underground cavities could be used to store green hydrogen

What can be used in an abandoned mine? a it’s disgustingthe only active coal company remaining in Spain, has been wondering about this for years, because they know very well that A to An abandoned miner requires a series of maintenance tasks that of course cost money. They’ve found their own answers, but another company, France’s Lhyfe, has just activated an experiment that could, if successful, breathe new life into thousands of abandoned mining facilities dotting Europe: storing green hydrogen in them. Right now, what they’re doing is injecting hydrogen into underground salt cavities, which until now have only been used to store natural gas.

From Geomethane’s house

Thus, Lhyfe, the world leader in green and renewable hydrogen production, has just in June delivered 350 kg of green hydrogen to the natural gas expert Geomethane To test hydrogen injection into underground salt cavities located in Manosque, southern France. The injection is a key test for the next phase of a major project aimed at accelerating the decarbonisation of the Marseille-Foss-Sud-Mer industrial park (in southern France), using green hydrogen.


Through this experiment, Geomethane Company, which currently stores natural gas in salty cavities, intends to experiment with injecting hydrogen into these same caves, in order to study the behavior of this gas. The hydrogen is injected into the natural gas system until it reaches a storage well, where it will remain under observation for several weeks, before being extracted and analyzed.

Hydrogen storage in salt caves will contribute to local energy independence by helping to balance the production and use of different energy sources: hydrogen can be extracted on demand to meet peak consumption, or re-injected to store surplus energy provided by nuclear and renewable energy plants in times of low energy consumption. Energy consumption. If the system is successful, it could be applied in other underground cavities.

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