Car News, Audi A3's Massive Debut: But Here's How Much It Costs Now | There is no more money

Car News, Audi A3's Massive Debut: But Here's How Much It Costs Now |  There is no more money
The amazing new Audi

The Audi A3 debuted to great success, but prices have really skyrocketed. Here's how much it costs now.

The automotive world was rocked by the recent debut of a new car Audi A3 Which witnessed some important and notable changes. beginning From May 2024 Our dealerships will be conquered by the updated Audi A3 and will also be offered in another version called First Street.

While we wait until we can get our hands on this “remastered” gem, let's get into the details Three versions Audi A3 and its new redesign. We know very well that there are versions Sportback And Sedan Of this device model, but it is now also available in version First Street with Design based on SUVs that it Trim 30 mm.

the Motors Only that can be requested two (for now), ie 4 cylinder Combined with S tronic 7-speed dual-clutch automatic transmission. These engines are available Turbodiesel 2.0 TDI from 150 hp And the1.5 gasoline with 150 hp 48 volt mild hybrid system. For new Hair restyling From our Audi A3 Three different settings With each other for small but important details.

The three numbers are: Advanced business And S Line version. My first 16-inch aluminum wheels While the second is for them 17 inches And the third from 18 inches. All three setup types have i LED headlights (there S Line version He had her Also later), the Light/rain sensorthe Ambient lighting packageHe. She Anti-glare interior rearview mirrorthe Thermal windshieldcovers in napkin And Sports seats (Only for the version Advanced business).

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Exclusive to the S Line Edition

In addition to having LED headlights at the front and rear, the Audi A3 in the S Line version also has them Inner package S Specially designed for this car model. There are some specific features like Sports seats in cloth or artificial leather With i Integrated headrests And possibility Manually adjust seat height.

Moreover, this version contains Steering wheel Multifunctional Plus Three black leather arms and seat backrest tipper and this is Guidance And Electromechanical. The style of the S Line version is even more so Athlete with The shock absorbers were lowered by 15 mm And Stiffer springs You can also get it upon request Progressive guidance.

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A car with amazing costs

The amazing prices for these versions of Audi

In this historical period that is afflicting us, we have noticed how the prices In every aspect of our lives Increasingly higher The car market is no different. The costs of purchasing a car are: Extravagant Meanwhile, prices rise endlessly Salaries in Italy show no sign of increasing.

Prices for different versions of the Audi A3 are already NB Now no one can buy a new car by paying on a screw. Release Sportback part At a cost of about 38,000 euros (Business version) to access About 43,000 euros (S Line version). Instead of that Audi A3 Sedan They are leaving From about 39,000 euros (Business Version) And they pray About 44,000 euros (S Line version). in the end The cost of an Audi A3 Allstreet ranges from approximately €40,000 to approximately €45,000.

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