Call of Duty: Microsoft had to make compromises to get the series on Xbox Series X/S.

Call of Duty: Microsoft had to make compromises to get the series on Xbox Series X/S.

During the operation he sees opposition Microsoft FTC to acquire Activision Blizzard Microsoft’s Sarah Bond says Microsoft must agree to a new revenue-sharing plan to acquire the series Call of duty on Xbox X/S.

Activision initially refused to use the Xbox developer pools at its disposal unless Microsoft agreed to the new agreements. a company Bobby Kotick He also hinted that there are various sharing agreements with PlayStation.

It was Bobby Kotick, CEO activationHe asks that the new deal be signed before work can begin on bringing Call of Duty to Xbox Series X/S. According to Bond: “It was clear that Call of Duty would be on PS5 and that it wouldn’t be good if it didn’t also come to Xbox at the same time as launch. “

Activision also asked Microsoft if it wanted to bet on a Marketing agreement for Call of Duty, but was rejected. Which means that Microsoft could not show Call of Duty in their showcases.

In a later paragraph, the FTC lawyer let loose the new agreement that said 80% of the revenue would go to Activision and only 20% to Microsoft, with Microsoft typically taking 30% for games for sale on its platform. Microsoft agreed because they had always considered Call of Duty as vital content.

Bond also reiterated Microsoft’s relationship with Valve, explaining why Gabe Newell and his crew rejected the proposed 10-year deal for the Call of Duty series. Essentially repeating what has already been shown in the past, that Valve has no such agreements with any publisher and is confident that Microsoft will continue to publish Call of Duty on Steam, as that is where the majority of PC gamers are.

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