Bono, who saves penalty kicks for Morocco, which knocked out Spain from the World Cup – Football

Bono, who saves penalty kicks for Morocco, which knocked out Spain from the World Cup – Football

He saved two penalties, one of which he drove his gaze into the post. if it was Morocco he is to me World Cup quarter-finals For the first time in its history Largely thanks to his goalkeeper, Yassin Bono. If they will probably remember the massesInter. The 31-year-old, with the word “Bounou” on his shirt, was the Moroccan goalkeeper’s excellent protagonist in the final. European League 2020, in Colonia, between his native Seville and the Nerazzurri. Number one in the cup at the time, and was instrumental in making a few saves to give the Andalusians another victory in the club’s second continental cup. It finished 3-2. There is also a goal in Bono’s career: not immediately, but scored. It happened in March 2021, away from home in Valladolid: with the left foot on a corner kick developments and an equalizer for Sevilla.

Career Bono Sevilla goalkeeper

Where, Bono He won ownership and a central role in the design of the new Seville by Jorge Sampaoli. Born in Canada, Bono was considered immature at the time of Wydad Casablanca, and grew up in Spain. first inAtletico Madridthen in Real ZaragozaIn the Girona and finally as of 2019 in Seville. In this World Cup, he was already at the center of the yellow card. Before the match against Belgium, he had lined up with his teammates and sang the national anthem. and then He fell ill and was substituted before kick-off With the second guard Alkajoy.

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Morocco did not lose in the World Cup

Morocco is still undefeated in Qatar: they won against it Canada And the Belgium And collected an excellent 0-0 against Croatia. The match against Spain also ended goalless, a very tight 120 minutes. Bono: after a penalty shootout was extolled Sarabia share-Block throws by Soler And the Busquets. Then he stood in the middle of the field, waiting for a spoonful of Hakimi. Africa returns to the quarter-finals after 12 years. Thanks for the champ in the boxing gloves.

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