Biden runs again for the presidency of the United States: “Let’s finish the job” –

Biden runs again for the presidency of the United States: “Let’s finish the job” –

Joe Biden, who at 80 is the oldest US president ever, has officially announced his re-election: He will seek a second term in 2024. And in the video, any doubts about Kamala Harris escape: She, too, will be re-elected

From our correspondent
New York – Joe Biden is running again And he announces it with a video in which the first word is freedom, which is the freedom on which America was founded but which is threatened – as the President of the United States says – by MAGA extremists, that is, supporters of Trump and his slogan Make America Great Again. The first images are actually those of the attack on Congress on Jan. 6, but the president also refers privately to the risks to Social Security, reproductive rights, and the culture wars over choosing the books Americans want to read and the people they like. From personal freedoms, in fact, the video soon turns into a nostalgic plea for the recovery of the common values ​​that America seems to have lost, but which – as Biden asserts – still possesses: honesty, respect and treating each other with dignity.

In a calm, measured tone, with this video broadcast at 6 am in Washington, Biden announced his intention to run again in 2024, seeking a second term. Let’s finish this job, he said, leaving no doubt as to who would be next to him as Vice President: the number two in the White House, Kamala Harriswho will appear today at an event on reproductive rights and which, along with the economy, will be one of the main pillars of this election campaign.

Biden, who is 80 years old, already The oldest president of the United States ever. Thus, the replica of a Biden-Trump clash in the 2024 election is becoming increasingly real, despite a recent NBC poll showing that’s not what most Americans would like: 70% of the population and 51% of Democratic voters say that Biden shouldn’t be doing that. run for a second term; And in the same poll, 60% of Americans and a third of Republicans don’t think Trump should run.

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The video begins with images of the assault on the Capitol by supporters of Donald Trump, and with images of protests taken after the Supreme Court overturned the Roe v. Wade ruling on June 24, 2022, which guaranteed the right to abortion for all women. from the country. freedom. Personal freedom, this is the core value of who we are, as Americans, says Biden. My first job was to fight for our democracy, to guarantee our rights, and to make sure everyone was treated fairly in this country. But the MAGA radicals (Make America Great Again, Trump’s Slogan, ed) are trying to assault these basic freedoms. Four years ago I said we were in the midst of a battle for the soul of America: and it remains true today. The question before us is clear: will we in the next few years have more or less freedom, more or less rights? That’s why I’m running again, because this is our moment to fight. Let’s finish this job, I know we can (We can, referring to the campaign slogan of Barack Obama, of which Biden was deputy for two terms
). There is nothing we cannot do if we are united.

Four years later (exactly)

Ad arrives in Exactly four years after the first (Posted April 25, 2019), where Biden — a methodical man who loves tradition — makes it clear that America is an idea.

Last April 15, after he touched down at 2:26 a.m. in Delaware, returning from a trip to Ireland, the land of his ancestors where he was greeted like a hero, fueling his optimism about what was possible, Biden was projected by the video maker in his country. Rehoboth Beach Delaware Beach House. l who filmed part of the new footage announcing his run.

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Today, Biden will speak about his plan for the economy at the North American Construction Workers’ Union Legislative Conference in Washington, which brings together many national and state unions: This option also reminds of 2020, confirms Washington Postbecause after the video, Biden spoke at the headquarters of the largest union, the Teamsters, in Pittsburgh.

last week, Joe and Jill Biden met with advisors To define campaign launch details. Among them is a nomination Communications manager: the media says that the matter should be about Julie Chavez Rodriguezcurrently Director of the White House Office of Intergovernmental Affairs, and the granddaughter of Mexican-American Federation leader Cesar Chavez who campaigned for humane treatment and safer working conditions for farm workers.

The announcement will not change much in the short term: in May, Biden is expected to participate in the G7 summit in Japan and the Quartet summit in Australia, and upon his return he will find himself facing a debt ceiling problem with the Republicans in the House of Representatives.

The launch of Biden’s new White House race also coincides Another trial begins against Donald Trumpaccused of rape by writer Jean Carroll.

Democrats doubt

Biden I came out well in the midtermsBut at eighty years old, he is the oldest president in American history. Viewed by many Democratic voters with reluctance: On the one hand, the man who saved the country from Donald Trump, and on the other hand An elderly man with an uncertain futurewrites the Washington Post. On the one hand, the approval of his position is still different among Democrats, and on the other hand, there is little desire to see him run again.

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In an NBC poll, Americans expressed skepticism in February Washington Post And news letters, 16% of Democrats said they were excited about his possible re-election, while 57% said they would not be excited but satisfied. Among Democrats and Democratic-leaning independents, 58% said they would prefer another candidate. But many still think so Biden is still the best person to beat Trump todaywho, however, is only four years younger than him.

Several members of the party – for example David Axelrod, who was Obama’s campaign manager – have said in the past few hours that there is no reason to wait any longer. especially for A matter of money. The campaign will cost about $2 billion. One of the essential aspects is to start fundraising and so phone calls have already been made to a hundred major donors to the party to arrange a meeting between them and the President on Friday evening and the organization in order to Website launchalso intended for collection.

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