Below are some of the medical milestones expected to be achieved by 2024

Below are some of the medical milestones expected to be achieved by 2024

The year 2024 begins in a few hours, and with it many challenges that medical science is putting into perspective. It will be a year in which important milestones will occur in this field.

the doctor Michael Mosley He wrote an article in daily Mail Which explains what will happen In the next 12 months on health issues at the global level.

Anti-obesity pills and other uses

“Perhaps the biggest news this year was when a new generation of anti-obesity drugs went mainstream, led by… Semaglutide (described Ozimbek s Wegs)», Dio Mosley.

“the Semaglutide It works by mimicking the action of a hormone called glucagon-like peptide 1 (glucagon-like peptide 1).GLP-1) Which, among other things, reduces appetite,” continues the doctor.

“There is no doubt that these drugs are here to stay and will be cheaper and easier to administer (soon to be announced). We will swallow pills instead of injecting ourselves, for example).” Mosley.

“But I think we will hear more in the next year about its use to treat other addictive behaviors, such as smoking and heavy drinking. This is because some people who use Semaglutide They reported that this reduced their desire to smoke,” the doctor continues.

A small study published in Journal of Clinical Psychiatry In November, he was the first to prove that Semaglutide Reduces alcohol dependence. But other studies are underway, including one at the University of North Carolina in which 48 alcoholics were given either the drug or a placebo for eight weeks. The doctor explains that this study should end in April 2024.

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Treating diseases by replacing defective genes

Seconds Mosley“The idea of ​​being able to treat someone with an inherited genetic disease by replacing faulty genes with ones that work properly is a promise you made to us years ago.”

“In the future we can expect to see more patients with these diseases being treated by gene editing, and I hope that this technique will also be widely used to treat cancer, where doctors insert genes into the white blood cells of the immune system, encouraging them to attack… Cancer and kill it,” he says.

He reveals, “There is a clinical trial analyzing the use of this approach to treat adults with breast, colon, or lung cancer, and results are expected to appear next year.” Mosley.

Birth control pills for men

“last breakthrough “A medical device that has arrived slowly, but may start appearing soon, is the male birth control pill,” the doctor says in his article.

He says: “A group of British men will be the first to test a new hormone-free men's birth control pill, the results of which are expected in 2024.”

Reverse aging

“The research that has recently moved from science fiction to reality is how to reverse the aging process. Thanks to the influx of research money, we will see great discoveries in 2024.” Mosley.

“A simple way to slow aging is to boost the microbiome (gut microbes). A 2018 study by the University ofEast Anglia showed that if you transplant fecal microbiota (i.e. waste) from young mice into old mice through a nasogastric tube, you can reverse the signs of aging in the gut, eyes and brain,” says the doctor.

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“Many companies have had success with cereals containing different substances Stores From specially cultured bacteria extracted from human waste, Judiciary With the whole fecal transplant business. Trials are underway to treat everything from obesity to liver disease and we will see that in 2024.” He finishes

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