A month of waiting to get Ozempic for diabetes

A month of waiting to get Ozempic for diabetes

fins a A month of waiting to get it Ozimbeka medication prescribed to treat Type 2 diabetes Which they witnessed in recent months a Increase sales of weight loss recipes. This is the situation experienced by customers who pass by Farmàcia Pujades, al New town. Weight loss is one of the results of taking Ozempic, so it is common for pharmacists to obtain prescriptions authorized by endocrinologists. Demand is increasing, but not supplyas there is only one laboratory, Novo Nordiskpatented.

Social networks and media coverage around the Ozempic region have done so Many people stop by the nearest pharmacy to ask about the product. “We buy This seems to be a panacea“, comments Kristina Rozic, pharmacist in charge at Bojadis Pharmacy.

They recommend prescribing it only for diabetes

In reality, Technical data sheet for the drug Indicates It works to control blood glucose levels In patients with type 2 diabetes, a disease that appears in most cases due to sedentary lifestyles and poor nutrition. If exercise and diet do not improve, patients need medication. For this reasonThe Spanish Medicines Agency has already recommended that medical professionals prescribe Ozempic only for this use.

It is not a weight loss drug

Head of the Drug Information Center at the Faculty of Pharmacists in Barcelona, Lauren RiveraAnd he made that clear Ozempic is not a weight loss drug, but this is an additional result. He warned in this regard It has side effects such as nausea and vomiting.

Luzembic It is distributed only by prescription And therefore, There is professional monitoring. The Novo Nordisk laboratory is producing full supplies of this product, and even if not all orders are fulfilled, this will remain the case until The patent for the active ingredient semaglutide expires in 2031 in Europe. If a shortage exists, the brand recommends that patients with type 2 diabetes talk to their doctor about prescribing other medications that perform similar functions.

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